Ronald Reagan Library In California Saved From Wildfire By Goats

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A herd of around 500 goats has helped to save the Ronald Reagan library of California from wildfires on October 30 after they ate away the flammable grass.

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A herd of around 500 goats has helped save the Ronald Reagan library of California from the wildfire on October 30 after the omnivores earlier this year fed on the highly combustible scrub surrounding the hilltop of the Simi Valley complex. The hungry goats grazed on the vegetation near the property that would have sparked the fires. The officials said that along with the firefighters and the aircraft crews, a hungry herd of around 500 goats had helped prevent the library from fire.

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The wildfires threatened around 6500 homes situated in the valley

The spokesperson of the library Melissa Giller said that the Ventura County Fire Department brings a herd of goats every May to eat the brush around the library to create a fire break. She said that the goats proved themselves about how really useful they are. The complex situated near the Simi Valley is the second big Southern California institution to be protected from the threat of wildfires by fire-prevention work. Due to high wind speeds, the so-called Easy-Fire surrounded the Reagan library on Wednesday morning and has already burnt 1300 acres, according to the Ventura County Fire Department. It threatened around 6500 homes situated in the valley and forced to shut down several schools. Firefighting aircraft have been used to spray water in the area near the library in an attempt to stop fires, according to the reports. The firefighters also attempted to prevent rapidly moving flames from the ground.

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Goats are fond of noxious weeds: Scott Morris

The site contains documents and memorabilia from Reagan’s 1981-1989 administrations and the leader is buried there alongside his wife Nancy. Because of the high risk of the wildfires, the Reagan foundation hired goats from a local company in May to clear around 13 acres (5 hectares) of scrub. The owner of the company, Scott Morris, 43 said that the goats are fond of noxious weeds and other invasive species that spark wildfires. The rising temperatures and inconsistent winds are the primary factors of California's wildfires which are becoming frequent and growing larger day by day. Morris said he would need to double his herd to meet soaring demand. According to fire authorities, the Easy-Fire has burned down over 1,650 acres by 6 pm and forced around 30000 people to flee from their homes.

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