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Sharpie And Sharpiegate Memes Trend On Twitter After Trump's Antics

Written By Ruchit Rastogi | Mumbai | Published:


  • Social media flooded with the "Sharpie" memes that showed how US President Donald Trump could solve problems with a marker.
  • Video showed an old prediction for Hurricane Dorian fabricated to highlight a part of Alabama being in the way of the storm.
  • The video was posted by the White House on its official Twitter handle.

Twitter has been bombarded with the "Sharpie" memes that showcase how US President Donald Trump could solve problems coming his way by tweaking them with a marker. The viral storm gained momentum after a video involving Trump appeared on the web, which showed an old prediction for Hurrican Dorian fabricated to highlight a part of Alabama being in the way of the storm. It is not known who doctored the video but this "subtle" change to the video has garnered a lot of attention. The video was posted by the White House on its official Twitter handle. The map in the video was shown by President Trump on the morning of September 4.

Trump's viral antics


After the video went viral, President Trump said that no "SHARPIE" was used to doctor the map by the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration but that led to a few netizens posting hilarious reactions to the meme. 

A person having a username Hard 2 posted that the President has found a way to establish that he had a large audience.

A few others poked fun at Donald Trump by saying that it is possible for him to draw a taller version of himself than former President Barack Obama. 

Another user ranted against the President saying that Trump's actions are atrocious, his administration is worse, the marker drawings are pathetic and the upcoming elections will be a perfect place for Americans to use a sharpie to erase his name from in front of the President's title. 

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Comedian Trevor Noah's show The Daily Show shared a meme of the President holding a map of the USA that had Greenland pinned to be included after Trump's plan to buy Greenland fell short. 

The American journalist tweeted that in reality, a devastating hurricane is moving up the eastern coast of the US but who is in need of the truth when you have a sharpie, an old map and a delicate ego with a keen interest in checking Alabama?

Also, the White House did not let people know that the map had been fabricated but the black mark clearly indicated that it was done with a sharpie. But the president claimed that it was not him and he had no clue as to who was responsible for making the change. 

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Prediction proves right

Later on, Donald Trump said that he was right when he included Alabama alongside Georgia in the list of areas to be hit by the hurricane till the time Dorian changed its course and scooted away from the Gulf Coast. He further added that Alabama was in the original predictions. Also, a better map was available and in all scenarios, Alabama would have encountered the hurricane. 
In order to provide substantial proof to support his claims, he posted with a tweet that contained a picture of a map which according to Trump proved his prediction of Alabama being hit.  

He also addressed his fellow Americans by saying that the map in the tweet presented the early predictions of Dorian. He also accepted the fake news and apologized for it. His claims were directly refuted by the National Weather Service branch in Birmingham, Alabama in a tweet that said Alabama will not witness any damage or impact from the category 5 hurricane. 

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