Storm Area 51: Millions Could Flood Rural Nevada Town For Event

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Millions could flood rural Nevada town for 'Storm Area 51' event to celebrate Alienstock festival on September 20 posted in Facebook which went viral.

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Rural Nevada

A town named A’Le’Inn in Rachel, Nevada located in the middle of the desert, somewhere near area 51 is going to be stormed by millions of people on September 20 to celebrate Älienstock" since a Facebook post titled "Storm Area 51" got viral. Another town nearby named Hiko will also hold the festival. It is one of three festivals that emerged from the joke-calls to raid Area 51. The location is the top-secret military base that conspiracy theorists believe houses aliens. 

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The "Storm Area 51" event

The creator the Facebook page Matty Roberts said to a US Media channel that he created the Facebook page in July after listening to a Joe Rogan podcast with Bob Lazar – the scientist who claimed he worked at Area 51 – got him thinking about the mystery surrounding it. And guess what ultimately millions of people pledged to help uncover the government’s most coveted secrets. Roberts said that he did not expect that the people will respond so massively. He didn't mean all that he wrote. Storming Area 51 is a joke known to all very well!

The post read: "We will all meet up in Rural Nevada and coordinate our parties. If we naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets. Lets see them aliens". And over 2 million people going and 1.5 million until now are interested to attend it!

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Creator of event drops out

The creator of the page and his local friends reportedly drove through Nevada to check the Alien Research Center and to Connie West, an inn owner who is reportedly hosting the event after which they decided to move forward with AlienStock. Yet in turn of events, he dropped out of the entire idea last week. He said that it is a big responsibility to handle so many people. Their town consists of only 50 people and the idea of providing amenities to thousands is a nightmare. Much more could happen at an event where there are so many people ready to break through a confiscated area. He feared the scenario would give rise to something like that of the fraud Fyre Festival.

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Locals take over the event

Yet co-owner of an inn in the town, Connie West said that she and the locals are going to take it forward, no matter what. People are coming in and the support will be stronger, she said. They have arranged for everything including law enforcement, helicopters, ambulances, and all that will be needed for the event. The local county and medicos too have confirmed providing healthcare and security. There are even music bands coming in for the people's amusement. Yet the question remains how many people will actually turn in.

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