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Video: Trump Shakes A Leg At Campaign Rallies, Netizens Say 'dance Like Nobody's Dying'

Unlike his supporters who were cheering for US Prez Donald Trump, the internet users are left divided over him breaking into a brief dance at campaign rally.


Unlike his supporters who were cheering for US President Donald Trump, the internet users are left divided over him breaking into a brief dance at a massive rally in Florida and Pennsylvania. Following his COVID-19 diagnosis, Trump resumed his reelection campaign just two weeks after testing positive for the novel coronavirus and told his supporters in Sanford, near Orlando that he is “immune” to COVID-19. 

Florida campaign rally’s highlight became Donald Trump breaking into dance to The Village People’s YMCA. While the crowd cheered and the song was pumping on the loudspeakers, the US President did his so-called trademark dance, that includes pumping his fists and moving his legs. Soon after the video from Florida of Trump dancing caused a stir on the internet, the US President repeated the same at Pennsylvania.



However, many criticised him for downplaying the severity of the pandemic and “while Americans suffer”, he chose to celebrate his own recovery. Meanwhile, others who are backing for Trump to get the second term in the upcoming US Election 2020, called him "cool", "bubbly", "amazing" and added that they will be "sad when he leaves the office" probably after four more years. 

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The Republican President is competing with Democratic rival Joe Biden to acquire US presidency in November. Trump tested positive for COVID-19 just days after he mocked Biden for wearing facemasks. Then, he got hospitalised at Walter Reed Medical Centre and made a grand return to the White House in four days after the treatment that included oxygen supplement and antibody cocktail cure for COVID-19. However, in his public addresses, Trump has not only said that he is 'immune' but also that he learnt 'a lot about COVID-19' by going to the "real school". 

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Trump downplays COVID-19 severity

US President Donald Trump is being widely criticised for downplaying the severity of the disease. In a bid to secure his presidency for the second term in US Elections, Trump mocked the disease in front of a packed crowd and said, “I feel so powerful, I'll walk into that audience. I'll walk in there, I'll kiss everyone in that audience.”

Trump said, "I'll kiss the guys and the beautiful women and the --everybody. I'll just give everybody a big, fat kiss."

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