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Trump Greeted With 'pathetic Loser' Plane Banners In Florida, Tweeple Say 'best Sign Ever'

Days after Donald Trump’s term came to end, two planes were spotted flying over Florida’s Palm Beach with messages that called him 'Worst president ever'.

Donald Trump

Days after Donald Trump’s term as the President of the US came to end, two planes were spotted flying over Florida’s Palm Beach with messages that called him the “Worst president ever”. Trump and his wife Melania on January 20 had taken their final flight abroad Air Force One and they left the White House for Mar-a-Lago hours before Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the country. His transition out of the office has been all shades of eventful and in the most recent incident, the former President faced a rather harsh trolling as skywriter banners called him the “worst” and a “pathetic loser”. 

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There is currently no information on who carried out the stunt, however, social media users were quick to react and point out that not too many Florida people seemed excited about Trump moving to their state after leaving the White House. While some shared hilarious GIFs, others called the skywriter’s move “priceless”. One user even wrote, "Love to meet the guy who did or funded that”. Another added, "They were kind with there words. I think they did a great job”. 

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Trump’s new permanent home 

Meanwhile, Trump is making his massive Mar-a-Lago estate on an island off the coast of Palm Beach in Florida his permanent home as his tumultuous presidency came to an end. Trump has even spent a remarkable amount of time at Mar-a-Lago which is also dubbed as the “Winter White House” throughout his four-year presidency. The former President, who has been impeached twice in his tenure, has even changed his legal residence from Trump Tower in New York City to Mar-a-Lago in September 2019. 

As per reports, the 74-year-old longtime New Yorker purchased the mansion in 1985 for 10 million dollars and converted into a private club that became his winter home during his time as the US President. The 20-acre estate is inspired by a Moorish-Mediterranean structure, now with at least 128 rooms and was built in 1927 by Post cereal heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post. 

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