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UN Human Rights Office Says Use Of Force In Jacob Blake's Case Seems 'excessive'

UN Human Rights Office has said on Friday, August 28 that the images and videos of the shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin “could be discriminatory”.


UN Human Rights Office has said on Friday, August 28 that the images and videos of the shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin “could be discriminatory” and the use of force seemed “excessive”. Kenosha Police Officer Rusten Sheskey shot the Black man reportedly seven times on Sunday, August 23 while responding to a domestic abuse cell. However, the case has triggered a fresh wave of anger in the United States over the increase in racial injust. 

Since then, the anti-racism demonstrators have been flooding the streets claiming action against police brutality. Even the video showing the confrontation of the law enforcement officer and Blake has gone viral leaving millions furious over the action taken by Sheskey. No longer shackled to the hospital bed, Blake is reportedly paralysed and is unable to go anywhere. 

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In the wake of the case, the spokesperson for the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet, Rupert Colville reportedly said at a virtual briefing in Geneva that the from the pictorial evidence emerging from the scene at southeastern Wisconsin, the force against Blake seemed “excessive”. 

“From the images available that we’ve seen at this point, the police appear to have used force against Jacob Blake that would seem to be excessive,” Rupert Colville was quoted by agency sources. “It also seems highly possible that the force used against Blake could be discriminatory in nature.”

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Kenosha shooting incident

Meanwhile, as protesters have been demonstrating every night with rallies that eventually descended to violence later at night on August 25. The suspect, Kyle Rittenhouse was identified and arrested by the US police officers on August 26 on the charges of shooting two people dead, wounding another in Kenosha during anti-police protests in the Wisconsin city on August 25. The shooting video shows the protesters being shot by an assault rifle and reportedly hitting at least two who tried to stop the 17-year-old. After killing two and wounding another, Rittenhouse can be seen in the clip walking down the street freely with a gun slung across his chest and while protesters scattered, police vehicles drove past him. After this incident, Police in Antioch, nearly 20 miles southwest of Kenosha announced the arrest of Kyle Rittenhouse wanted for murder. 

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