US Bars Almost 1 Million Undocumented Migrants At The Border

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US Customs and Border Protection's commissioner, stated that their officials have barred nearly one million migrants at the America's southern border.

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Mark Morgan, Customs and Border Protection's commissioner, on October 8, stated that their officials have barred nearly one million migrants at the American Nation's southern border with Mexico in the past year. Morgan additionally said that the CBP enforcement measures at the borders in the financial year, 2019, included 977,509 undocumented migrants, with a stunning 88 per cent increase as compared to the previous year.

A pre-election promise by Trump

In addition to this, he stated that the number of undocumented migrants is something that no country's system can handle at this point in time, including the United States of America. The acting chief additionally gave a report on the development of physical barriers along the US-Mexico border, a pre-election promise made by US President Donald Trump.

Mark also stated that the United States of America has already constructed a wall of 71 miles at the US-Mexico border and by the year 2020, the Customs and Border Protection force can expect the wall to extend up to 450 miles according to the border wall system.

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Since Trump came into power, Washington has worked on and fixed their migration system alongside checking illegal movements at the border as their foremost priority.  

For a really long time, the US President has been pressing for a wall at the border yet the US Congress has more than once rejected his proposals and refused to finance his project with the democrats calling Trump's plan a costly and ineffective measure.

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Trump's main agenda for his re-election campaign

In September, the US Supreme Court made room for the Trump-led administrations' rule that drastically restricts the capacity of Central American migrants to claim refuge to become effective across the nation while the due process plays its part.

Donald Trump's proposed border wall plan along the US-Mexico border helped take him to the White House in 2016 and with 2020 elections fast approaching it is now an important part of the set agenda in his re-election campaign.

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