US:Bernie Sanders Recovers From Surgery After Suffering A Heart Attack

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The Democrat Presidential candidate in 2020 elections, Bernie Sanders suffered a heart attack and has now recovered with full care of doctors and well-wishers

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US Democrat Presidential candidate for 2020, Bernie Sanders suffered a heart attack, his campaign confirmed on October 4. He departed from Desert Springs Hospital Medical Centre in Las Vegas after being under the care of doctors for two days. Sanders thanked the hospital for “excellent care” and assured that he now feels great after taking some time off. The US Senator further confirmed that his campaign trail will soon begin again which was abruptly stopped on October 2 due to the acute pain in his chest. Meanwhile, his “political revolution” to reach 1,000,000 calls were on. 

'Myocardial Infarction'

The physicians who diagnosed Sanders, Arturo Marchand Jr. And Arjun Gururaj confirmed that the Senator had a myocardial infarction, which is the medical term for heart attack. Due to which, two stents were placed in the blocked coronary artery through a surgery. They also informed that Sanders' all other arteries were normal. According to the doctors, the presidential candidate's stay and treatment were “uneventful with good progress”. He has also been instructed to follow-up with his personal physician. A few hours after getting discharged from the hospital, Sanders posted an update on Twitter with his wife, Jane O'Meara Sanders.

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Next democratic primary debate

The campaign also confirmed on Thursday that he will be participating in the next Democratic primary debate scheduled on October 15. Sanders plans to return to his home in Vermont before the debate. Jane Sanders also released a statement updating about Senator's health and that he is 'up and about' and that he has not undergone any additional procedures after the stent insertion. The presidential candidate spent the last few days just spending time with family and friends. 

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