US: Colorado Woman Placed An Injured Bobcat In Her Car With Her Child

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A Colorado Springs woman put a wild bobcat in her car near her child after she found out that the animal was injured; the Colorado officials issued a warning

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A Colorado Springs woman put a wild bobcat in her car near her child after she found out that the animal was injured. On September 19, the Colorado officials issued a warning stating that people should “never pick up wild animals”. The bobcat had huge claws and the woman placed it on the backseat of her car where her 3-year-old boy was also present. Anything could have happened according to the officials.

However, officials admitted that the woman was lucky as the cat was too injured to take any action. The Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials further said that this incident could have been “tragic”. The animal was later picked by the officer, Sarah Watson when she received a call about the injured bobcat. 

The bobcat

The wild bobcat was alert, hissing and growling when officer Sarah Watson reached the sight of the animal wrapped in a blanket on the backseat of an SUV. Watson then secured it with a catchpole. However, the bobcat struggled and swiped at the officer with its front claws. Later, when the 25-pound bobcat was examined, it was identified that its rear legs were paralyzed. According to the colorado officials, the bobcat was then “humanely” euthanized. Officials took the wild animal away from the woman and her child immediately when they reached the site. 

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Netizens react

This incident has sparked mixed reactions from the people of the internet. While some people were proud of the woman for taking the injured animal in her care and proceeded with informing the officials, others simply criticized this behaviour. According to the latter half, some people don't have the sense to behave around and with wild animals and there is not always a need to make physical contact with them. But netizens wholesomely applauded the Colorado officials and sighed at the serious injuries that the bobcat was suffering from.

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