US Ex-Prez Jimmy Carter Advises Trump To ‘tell The Truth For A Change’

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Former US President Jimmy Carter asked Donald Trump to cooperate in the impeachment inquiry and provide evidence to construct a case in favor of or against him.

Written By Pragya Puri | Mumbai | Updated On:

Former US President and a member of the Democratic Party, Jimmy Carter asked US President Donald Trump to cooperate with Congress' impeachment request, saying his refusal to consent to legislators' solicitations has left Americans looking for answers, making them even more curious. The US President is accused of misusing his power by asking his Ukraine counterpart to call an investigation against his political rival Joe Biden. Biden is running against Donald Trump in the upcoming Presidential elections. 

Key witness blocked from showing up

As per reports, prior to Tuesday, one of the key witnesses of the case was blocked from showing up before the three House committees, inciting a subpoena. Jimmy Carter told the international media that the US President should tell the truth, for a change.  Donald Trump dismissed any act of wrongdoing regarding the whistleblower complaint. He posted a series of tweets on social media reacting to the inquiry. His tweets were indecently followed with insulting nicknames for Democratic lawmakers, the ones who propelled the impeachment investigation two weeks ago. 

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Carter says impeachment inquiry can change the situation for Trump

As for now, it is certain that the Senate governed by the Republicans will not remove Trump, irrespective of the stand taken by the Democratic-controlled House which highly favors impeachment. Carter, however, said that the situation could change depending on what the impeachment inquiry reveals. In his interview, he said that the evidence reveal that there is an increasing number of things that Trump has done and in such as case, impeachment is possible and his removal from the office is also possible. 

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Carter asks Trump to provide evidence 

Carter, who is the oldest living President, took a pledge of honesty and took charge of the White House from 1977 to 1981. Carter was the victim of his own political controversies including the crisis which rose due to a US hostage in Iran. He scrutinized Trump's reaction to the impeachment inquiry, saying blocking observers and records was "stonewalling.". He further said that not willing to participate is an act of departure from the traditional procedure and also a departure from the expectations of the people. He added that his approach towards the inquiry in itself is another evidence that can be used against him. He also asked Trump to put constraints on his reckless use of social media handles, and rather provide the House of Representatives and the Senate with evidence that would help in constructing a case, in his favor of or against him.

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