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US: Ex-Surgeon General Criticises CDC Recommendation To Decrease COVID Quarantine

The US CDC's recommendation allowing some patients infected with COVID-19 to be released from quarantine after only 5 days is facing severe criticism.


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The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) recommendation allowing some patients infected with the coronavirus to be released from quarantine after only five days has been met with criticism. Among those criticising the move was Jerome Adams, a former US Surgeon General. Adams advised against adopting recent COVID-19 recommendations stating that he never imagined that he would have to counsel others not to take CDC's advice.

On Twitter, he shared a number of Tweets criticising the CDC stating that people should try to get an antibody test and confirm it's negative before exiting isolation and quarantine, no matter what the CDC says. In another Tweet, he stated that he adored the CDC and grew up wanting to work there and added that he never imagined the day would arrive when he would counsel people not to follow their advice. To those who are defending the CDC guideline, he stated that they will not bring their unvaccinated child under the age of five to a gathering where people tested positive five days earlier.

'People should continue to wear masks around others'

Jerome's statements come after the CDC cut its recommended isolation period for people infected with COVID-19 who are asymptomatic from 10 days to five days. The CDC added that people should continue to wear masks around others for five days after being released from isolation. According to s report by Hill, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stated that the decision was based on scientific evidence indicating the majority of virus transmission happens early in the illness's course.

However, Dr Anthony Fauci, US President Joe Biden's chief medical adviser, indicated that the decision was made to get people back to work. Fauci stated that they expect COVID cases to rise due to the new variant Omicron. He also said that the things they want to be careful of are that they don't have so many people out, according to a report by CNN. He further stated that if someone is asymptotic and contaminated, they should get back to work, especially those with critical jobs

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