US President Donald Trump Abused His Office: Democrats' Impeachment Report

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A 300-page report by the Democrats clearly stated that US President Donald Trump has misused his powers for his own personal and political interests

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The Democrats on Tuesday released a report on impeachment proceedings of US President Donald Trump. The 300-page report clearly stated that President Trump has misused his powers for his own personal and political interests. The house also added that the President put his own interests over above national interests.

Trump put his own interests above national interests

According to local media, the report stated that the President attempted to undermine American democracy and in doing so he seriously jeopardised the national security of the United States. According to the report the founding fathers of the US had put in place a system to check the power of the chief executive and have a way to prevent the chief executive from putting his own interests above national interests, and that mechanism is the impeachment. The release of the report by the House intelligence committee has accelerated the impeachment process of Donald Trump. 

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While the report released some new information, it mainly detailed the account of how the President and his allies tried to strongarm the Ukrainians into declaring investigations into the affairs of former Vice President Joe Biden and other Democrats. Biden is currently in the race for the 2020 presidential election.

The President used the allure of $400 million in military aid to Ukraine in an attempt to force the Ukrainians to comply. The ploy by Trump was uncovered when a whistleblower came forward with evidence pointing to the same. The report also mentioned how Trump had originally received help from a foreign power, Russia to win the 2016 Presidential election and then subsequently tried to use another foreign power, that of Ukraine, to bolster his chances for the 2020 elections. The House intelligence committee also stated that the integrity of the next presidential elections is at risk and therefore they will move with haste.

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