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US President George H.W Bush Secretly Sponsored A Filipino Boy For A Decade; Letters Revealed

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Published:

A sweet secret from the life of former US President George H.W Bush was recently unraveled. 

The 41st President of United States for a decade sponsored a 7-year-old Filipino boy using a pseudonym. The information was revealed by the nonprofit organisation, Compassion International that connected the two. 

Through the non-profit organisation strives to support children belonging to underprivileged communities from across the world, through local churches, Bush financially supported Timothy. The funds that were sent by the former President of US were utilised for Timothy's education, extra-curricular activities and his meals. The letters sent by Bush were shared with the media. 

According to media reports, Jim McGrath, a spokesperson from the office of Bush validated the authenticity of the letters. 

Bush wrote letters to Timothy ever since the sponsorship began, as in his first letter he told the kid that he already loves him and that he wants to be his "new pen pal". The first letter was sent on January 24, 2002 

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As per reports, Bush got the idea to sponsor kids in 2001, at a Christmas concert that he was attending in Washington. His security team became alert as they were unaware of the situation. 

Due to security reasons, his identity had to be concealed, but Bush did not make it any easier. Although his letters were screened, Bush's first security breach was when he shared a picture of his dog. He wrote in the letter that her name was Sadie and that she has met a lot of famous people. In another letter, he also mentioned that he was famous enough to be invited to the White House for Christmas. 

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Although sending presents was forbidden, Bush still went ahead and sent him gifts, especially after he learned that Timothy was artistic and loved to draw and paint. 

In this entire period, Timothy failed to catch the hints and never found out until he graduated from the program. 

And the non-profit organisation shared that, it was the last time that they ever heard from Timothy.