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US: Coronavirus Cases Cross 1 Million As Many States Plan To Reopen 'quickly'

One of US' top experts was quoted saying that the cases in the US have reached a plateau, however, health experts warned about the resurgence of the disease.


More than 1 million confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus were reportedly recorded in the US as of April 28, as some states prepare to ease down restrictions and lift the lockdown. Over 59,266 people have succumbed to the COVID-19 disease so far, however, no deaths have been registered in the past 24 hours. 

Despite the deceleration in the death toll and while some states have shown levelling in the new cases, that has, in fact, leaped the demands from American people to open the businesses and public premises for operation, as per US media reports. However, health professionals have warned about the resurgence of the disease if the health safety norms were infringed. One of the nation's top experts was quoted saying that the cases in the US have reached a plateau, however, the director of the Johns Hopkins Centre for Health Security, regretted that the US, unfortunately, has a “very high plateau”.  

Earlier today, Trump told a leading US media outlet that many experts believed that the virus wouldn’t hit the US. Further, he added, the experts got it wrong, a lot of people got it wrong and a lot of people didn't know it would be this serious. On February 27, when the pandemic had hit the US, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention official Nancy Messonnier was quoted saying that the COVID-19 would, in fact, reach the United States and might hit “bad”. 

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“Seriously consider” to reopen

On Monday, April 27, Trump urged the governors to “seriously consider” reopening the economy while speaking at the press conference. Trump's top medical expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, earlier warned that despite the countermeasures, whilst the economy engine resumes, US testing efforts needed to ramp up, and reasonably well. "If it wasn’t successfully accomplished, he added, the US could be in for a bad fall and a bad winter," Fauci said during his Economic Club of Washington webinar address.  With a lack of a concrete blanket testing program, President Trump on April 28 pushed for the US to resume “life as normal” despite the infection and tweeted that states were heading towards opening up soon.  

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