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COVID-19: US Vice President Mike Pence Spotted At A Crowded Hospital Without Face Mask

US Vice President Mike Pence visited a crowded hospital without wearing a face mask at a time when the world is battling to fight the coronavirus outbreak.


US Vice President Mike Pence visited a crowded hospital without wearing a face mask at a time when the world is battling the coronavirus outbreak. According to reports, Mike Pence's office had been informed beforehand by the Mayo Clinic facilities about the compulsory masking policy for patients, visitors, and staff. Mayo clinic had also tweeted about it but later deleted the post. 

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Vice President Pence defended his action by saying that the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines suggest that masks are important for those who are infected by coronavirus to help prevent the spread and as he is not infected, so mask was not needed for him. However, the CDC's updated guidelines state that the people must wear masks or a piece of cloth to cover their mouths while venturing out in public places because it is often difficult to maintain an adequate physical distance at all times. 

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According to reports, Pence was at the facility to meet with the researchers and health care personnel who are risking their lives on the frontlines. After meeting with the staff members, Pence told the press that he was there to 'look them in the eye and say thank you'. Media reports suggest that many White House officials, including the President himself, have been spotted time and again violating important health advisories issued by experts. 

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Coronavirus in the US

According to data by worldometer, the United States has recorded over a million cases and 59,266 deaths as of April 29. New York City is the hotspot in America where alone over 23,000 people have lost their lives in the last three months. New York has more casualties than all the other majorly affected countries except for Italy, Spain, and France. The United States has successfully treated 1,42,238 patients so far. 

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