US Warns North Korea Against Nuclear Tests, Suggests To Avoid Provocations

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The United States warned North Korea against further missile and nuclear tests and suggested to avoid provocations to achieve greater security and stability.

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The United States warned North Korea against further missile and nuclear tests, at the United Nation Security Council (UNSC) on December 11. Speaking at the UNSC, Kelly Craft, US Representative to the United Nations, raised concerns about North’s indication of intercontinental ballistic missile tests which will bring the US in its range. 

Craft said that the US has sought to engage in “robust diplomacy with the DPRK”, but the signs were deeply troubling. “Let me be clear, we have not asked North Korea to do everything, before we do anything. We are prepared to be flexible, but we cannot solve this problem alone,” remarked the Ambassador after the Council meeting. Craft suggested North Korea avoid provocations and engage in dialogue. “Peace is a better way, and peace can only be achieved by doing this together,” she said. 

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Later she took to Twitter to assert that North Korea can not achieve greater security and stability with missile and nuclear testing. The Ambassador opined that such tests will rather complicate their ability to negotiate an agreement to address North Korea's security and economic goals.

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Nuclear test at Sohae

North Korea recently conducted a nuclear test at the Sohae launch site by going against the process of denuclearisation which drew ire of US President Donald Trump. He warned North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong-Un saying he is “too smart and has far too much to lose” if acts in a hostile way. Trump reminded Kim of the denuclearisation agreement signed in Singapore, adding that North’s leader does not want to void his “special relationship” with US President. "North Korea, under the leadership of Kim Jong Un, has tremendous economic potential, but it must denuclearize as promised. NATO, China, Russia, Japan, and the entire world is unified on this issue!" Trump tweeted.

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