Video Of Memphis Homeless Man Reuniting With His Lost Dog Melts Hearts

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Video of Memphis homeless man reuniting with his lost dog is going viral on social media since it was posted by Memphis Animal Services (MAS) on September 12.

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A video posted by Memphis Animal Services on September 12 is going viral as it features the bond between a dog and his homeless owner. As per the post, the man in the video is an artist named Anthony and he lives on the streets with his dog Bobo due to financial constraints. A couple of weeks ago, Bobo was lost. Soon after, Anthony's friend put up a pamphlet with Bobo's details. In the video, Bobo is finally reunited with Anthony by Memphis Animal Services and the sight of their reunion will get you teary-eyed. 

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The mushy reunion

In their sweet reunion story, MAS said that Anthony had undergone a lot of devastating events in his life. Although he doesn't have a home or food, he has what everyone needs, a best friend. Anthony's best friend is four legged, with a tail, named Bobo. The two share an inseparable bond and Anthony tries his best to find food for his pal. Weeks ago, Anthony woke up in the morning and could not find Bobo. Following this, the artist contacted his friends who put up signs to report in case anyone finds the missing dog. On September 12, a dog that looked similar to the description was identified by Emily, who is a memeber of Memphis Animal Services. She remembered the posters and dialed the contact number mentioned on it. Within minutes, Anthony came to find his lost friend. The duo's reunion was recorded and posted by animal services.

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The animal services pamper Bobo

MAS has got Bobo neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated. They also run a couple of tests to check if the dog had any other anomaly. Anthony was heartworm negative. Still, the services have provided Anthony with a year’s supply of heartworm prevention, a bag of dog food, and a harness, leash, collar, and ID tag. The services found Bobo healthy and happy but added that he needs to keep going to the vet every year to stay that way.

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Video goes viral

Since its put on the internet, netizens have lauded the animal services for helping the artist find his dog. Many have taken interest in buying the arts of Anthony in order to support him. Some even came up with the idea of setting up a proper studio for him. Memphis Animal Services have posted a number to help Bobo.

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