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Viral: Netizens Laud 'Apology Kid' PugLoca For Imitating Influencers At VidCon 2019

Written By Shloak Prabhu | Mumbai | Published:


  • A young cosplayer has won everyone's hearts on the internet at the VidCon 2019
  • The cosplayer has been identified as 'PugLoca' who mocked influencers by imitating them
  • PugLoca is seen wearing a card board around his head which is similar to a device screen

A young cosplayer has won everyone's hearts on the internet at the VidCon 2019.

The cosplayer has been identified as 'PugLoca' cosplayed as an influencer apology video and mocked creators and influencers by imitating them. The internet is a vast platform where users can find the most entertaining to the most intriguing content that is available for them. However, in order to pull in more traffic, creators and influencers cross their limits, so that more people view the content and hit extra clicks. Once, the creators realize their flawed way of bagging enough viewership, they come out with apologetic messages. However, Netizens may not agree and sometimes cite the apology as a fake one or not genuine. Hence, 'PugLoca' decided to take on creators of this sort by trolling them. His words included the ones that influencers use 'like, subscribe and win'. 

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PugLoca is seen wearing a card board around his head which is similar to a device screen. In addition, he also carried a box of tissues in his hand and using them to wipe off his so-called tears, totally how the influencers do it. Here's the video:

The cosplay is a screengrab of a video titled 'My Apology' which has been watched over 7 million times so far. The video was created by the famed YouTuber Logan Paul who is known for his 'Suicide Forest' scandal where Paul had allegedly filmed a dead body of a suicide victim in a Japanese Forest. After the video, Paul faced severe backlash from the online populace. Paul later apologized and said "I'm sorry for filming a dead body! Please forgive me!" Hence, PugLoca, clearly imitated him, though some Netizens took it as mimicry of another YouTuber Laura Lee.

The video has been watched multiple times by millions of users who are loving this new meme-worthy content on their screens. Here's how some Netizens reacted:

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