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2024 State of The Union LIVE: Biden Mentions War in Ukraine & Gaza Along with Other Domestic Issues

US President Joe Biden delivered his State of the Union address at the U.S. Capitol on Thursday night. This year's address is touted as a high-stakes moment for Biden as he looks to convince voters to give him a second term in the White House.

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US President Joe Biden address the congress in the 2024 State of The Union | Image: AP
1: 21 IST, March 8th 2024

Republic's live coverage of US President Joe Biden's 2024 State of The Union address has ended. Track our website to stay updated on what's happening around the world. 

11: 06 IST, March 8th 2024

While discussing his border policy, Biden did bring up the name of  Laken Riley, something Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has been pushing the US President to do the entire night. "Laken Riley! An innocent young woman who was killed by an illegal," Biden said while holding up a Laken Riley pin. Addressing her parents, he said. “My heart goes out to you having lost children myself.” He said Republicans owe it to Americans to "get this bill done," referring to a Senate agreement to tighten immigration restrictions, which some conservatives say is insufficient to fix the problem.

10: 23 IST, March 8th 2024

Former US President Donald Trump slammed US President Joe Biden's 2024 State of The Union address in his online rampage on social media app TruthSocial. "That may be the Angriest, Least Compassionate, and Worst State of the Union Speech ever made. It was an Embarrassment to our Country," the former president said. He went on to pledge that he will respond to Biden's remarks live. 

10: 08 IST, March 8th 2024

While delivering the GOP response to The State of The Union, Alabama Senator Katie Britt slammed President Joe Biden, saying that he is “out of touch” and does not understand the issues facing American families. Britt who was the youngest Republican woman elected to the US Senate pointed out that Biden has been in the office “longer than” she has been alive. She went on to call Biden a “dithering and diminished leader” and insisted that “the country we know and love seems to be slipping away.”

9: 07 IST, March 8th 2024

US President Joe Biden has ended his State of The Union address by insisting that he is the “President for all of the Americans”. Watch the whole speech here: 

9: 05 IST, March 8th 2024

US President Joe Biden made a mention of the ongoing Israel-Hamas war during his State of The Union Speech. He made it clear that Israel has the “right to defend itself” and insisted that the war could have ended if Hamas let go of the hostages and gave up on arms. He acknowledged the loss of civilian lives in Gaza and announced that the US military would construct a temporary port on Gaza's Mediterranean coast to receive humanitarian aid by sea. 

Another interesting fact to note is that Israeli hostage Mia Schem, who was abducted by Hamas and released as part of a temporary cease-fire between Hamas and Israel was also invited to attend the event. 

8: 43 IST, March 8th 2024

Before his State of The Union Address, Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene gave the US President a pin with Laken Riley's name. She shared the video of the whole exchange on X, formally known as Twitter. “Joe Biden has no excuse. I handed him a pin to remember Laken Riley. He refused to SAY HER NAME!” Greene wrote on X. Riley was a nursing student killed in Georgia, allegedly by an undocumented Venezuelan immigrant. Republicans in Congress used her death to slam Biden over his leniency towards the immigration and border policies. 

8: 36 IST, March 8th 2024

While sharing the plight of Kate Cox, US President Joe Biden went on to blame former US President Donald Trump for the overturning of Roe v Wade. The president pointed to Kate Cox, a guest of the first lady, as an example of what could happen following the overruling of Roe. Cox had to travel out of her home state, Texas, for an abortion. He went on to address the Supreme Court justices directly and warned them that “women are not without electoral or political power.”

It is pertinent to note that Trump appointed three justices to the Supreme Court during his time in office. All three judges eventually voted to strike down the monumental judgment which protected women's abortion rights in the United States for decades. 

8: 12 IST, March 8th 2024

During his address, the US President said that his “predecessor” and some other people were trying to “bury the truth” about the January 6 Capitol riots. 

"My predecessor and some of you here seek to bury the truth about January 6. I will not do that," said Biden, who asked lawmakers to join together, regardless of party, and defend democracy. "Remember your oath of office and defend us against all threats — foreign and domestic."

"Political violence has absolutely no place, no place in America," he added. 

Biden addresses the horrors of January 6 Capitol riots
8: 01 IST, March 8th 2024

US President Joe Biden took the Podium for his 2024 State of the Union address. He started of his address by emphasising the need to support Ukraine in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. The US President also mentioned that “No American soldier is currently engaged” in the battle in Ukraine. He also took jabs at Trump's closeness with Putin and congratulated Sweden for joining NATO. 


7: 51 IST, March 8th 2024

US President Joe Biden arrived at the US Capitol where he will be delivering his 2024 State of the Union address. It is a potentially pivotal evening for Biden in the early stages of his 2024 general election fight -- set to be against Trump. Catch his address live: 

7: 48 IST, March 8th 2024

US President Joe Biden told reporters that he was “feeling good” and started to pump his fists in the air as he left the White House for the Thursday event. He is currently on his way to the Capitol to face the nation, ABC News reported. 


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