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Satin Pyjamas, No Condom, Gold Tweezers: Stormy Daniels Testify in Hush Money Trial | Top 10 Points

Adult star Stormy Daniels testified in Trump's hush money trial. Here's what she revealed to the judge in the courtroom.

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Satin Pyjamas, No Condom, Gold Tweezers: Stormy Daniels Testify in Hush Money Trial | Top Points | Image:Republic, AP

Washington: Adult movie star Stormy Daniels on Tuesday testified in former US president Donald Trump's hush money case, where she gave a detailed stand on their sexual intercourse and the money she was paid to stay quiet before the US elections 2016. Daniels was testifying in a courtroom face-off with Trump about the night the two spent in a hotel penthouse in 2006.

During the hush money trial, the judge said that Trump was audibly cursing during the testimony, and directed his lawyers to temper his behaviour, according to the official transcript of the trial.


Judge Juan Merchan told Trump's attorney Todd Blanche, "I understand that your client is upset at this point, but he is cursing audibly, and he is shaking his head visually, and that's contemptuous."

Here's What Stormy Daniels Revealed During the Trial:

1. In the courtroom, recalling first meeting Trump, Stormy Daniels said that he was wearing "silk or satin pyjamas," prompting her to joke about Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy magazine. She added that Trump was "very polite and obliged," when she asked him to change.

2. The adult star revealed that Trump asked her if she had tested for Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).


3. Daniels told the judge that when she used Trump's restroom she went through Trump's toiletry bag and found Old Spice and Pert Plus items lying alongside "gold tweezers."

4. Daniels confirmed that she was sober at the time when she met Trump and didn't feel any threat with Trump's presence.


5. When Trump came to the suite in his boxers, Daniels said that his bodyguard was present nearby. She added that the two even talked about his wife Ivanka Trump and told her that the couple were sleeping in different rooms.

6. Furthermore, giving details on the sexual intercourse, Daniels said that Trump was not wearing a condom.


7. At the time of her departure, Daniels testified that Trump called her "honeybunch," adding that he bad her goodbye and suggested that the two should meet again.

8. Daniels said, "After it ended, it was really hard to get my shoes because my hands were shaking so hard," and said that she just wanted to leave.


9. A year later, in 2007, the last time the two were in touch, she said that Trump tried to proposition her for sex again, but she told him that she was menstruating.

10. In 2011, Daniels said that she learned from her agent that the story of her meeting with Trump had made its way to a magazine.


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