Updated April 13th, 2021 at 14:21 IST

Minnesota killing: Biden says 'No justification for violence & looting' amid unrest

US President Joe Biden said that there is no justification for looting and killing in the USA after a black man was killed in the state of Minnesota.

Reported by: Bhavyata Kagrana
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US President Joe Biden while speaking about the recent killing of an African-American by a police officer mentioned that there is no justification for looting and violence in the United States. The incident took place on Sunday in the state of Minnesota. He further added that peaceful protests are understandable.

He further stressed that there is anger amongst the African-American community.

“We do know that the anger, pain, trauma that exists in the black community, in that environment is real, it is serious and it is consequential,” added President Biden requesting people to stay calm and maintain peace.

Minnesota killing

The incident of the killing of the black man according to the Minneapolis’ Brooklyn Center police, took place on Sunday night when police officers stopped the man’s vehicle over alleged traffic violations. The killing of the man identified as Duante Wright sparked violent protests. The Brooklyn Center Police has however has described the unfortunate incident as accidental.

Violent protests in Minneapolis

Clashes broke out as hundreds of protestors came on the streets forcing police officials to position National Guard units. A curfew is also declared in the city and nearby areas. According to the police, the protest turned more violent after protestors started throwing rocks and other projectiles at the police. Later, violent clashes broke out between police officers and protestors.

(Inputs from ANI and AP)


Published April 13th, 2021 at 14:21 IST