Updated December 28th, 2023 at 09:24 IST

Rep. Lauren Boebert shifts Congressional districts for 2024 election

Earlier this year, Boebert was ejected from a theatre due to inappropriate behaviour captured on security footage involving herself and her companion.

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Lauren Boebert | Image:AP

In a strategic political maneuver, Representative Lauren Boebert of Colorado made waves Wednesday night as she revealed her intentions to seek election in a different House district from her current one in Western Colorado. According to a report from Axios, the move underscores the acknowledgment of a challenging reelection landscape for the right-wing firebrand in her current district, where she secured victory by a narrow margin of approximately 500 votes last year.

Boebert, announcing her decision via a video shared on Facebook, portrayed the shift as a choice aligning with her personal trajectory and the principles of the ‘conservative’ movement she represents. 


Here is what you need to know

Instead of vying for reelection in her native 3rd district, which leaned towards Trump by approximately six percentage points in 2020, Boebert set her sights on the 4th district—a solidly Republican area with a Trump+16 margin—previously held by retiring Rep. Ken Buck. Highlighting the record-breaking fundraising by Democrat Adam Frisch in the 3rd district, Boebert articulated her determination to persevere. She voiced concerns over external influences, denouncing "Hollywood elites and progressive money groups" attempting to exert undue influence in her current district.


"I will not allow dark money that is directed at destroying me personally to steal this seat. It’s not fair to the 3rd district and the conservatives there," Boebert emphasized.

Boebert made a name for herself back in 2021

Boebert's confrontational demeanour has encountered resistance in her current constituency. Her public persona was thrust into the spotlight when, as a freshman in 2021, she declared her intent to openly carry a firearm on the House floor. Additionally, her affiliation with the House Freedom Caucus and participation in the conservative hardliner group that challenged Kevin McCarthy during the speaker election have contributed to her polarizing image.

The shift in perception intensified this year after Boebert was ejected from a "Beetlejuice" showing due to inappropriate behavior captured on security footage involving herself and her companion.


Boebert's decision to switch districts for the upcoming 2024 election signals a strategic shift in her political trajectory, marking a calculated move away from a potentially contentious reelection bid in her current district toward a district that aligns more favorably with her political stance.


Published December 28th, 2023 at 09:24 IST