Updated February 25th, 2024 at 11:50 IST

Republicans Rip into Nikki Haley after Trump’s South Carolina Win: 'No Pathway to Victory'

Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah indicated that Haley must drop out of the race. “Trump won. It’s over."

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Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley. | Image:AP

After the former US President Donald Trump’s victory in the South Carolina primary, in the former governor Nikki Haley’s state, Republicans ripped into the US ambassador to UN for pledging to not drop out of the 2024 presidential race. Many Republicans stated that they believe Haley should “step aside and drop out of the race.”

While the former US President made the victory speech taking a stage saying that he looks forward to telling sitting President Biden his signature line,”Joe, you’re fired, Haley told her supporters that she wouldn’t drop out and will continue to the Super Tuesday.  "I’m a woman of my word. I’m not giving up this fight when a majority of Americans disapprove of both Donald Trump and Joe Biden," said Haley.


She added, "Today, in South Carolina, we’re getting around 40% of the vote. That’s about what we got in New Hampshire too. I’m an accountant. I know 40% is not 50%. But I also know 40% is not some tiny group.” Trump’s GOP rival continued, “There are huge numbers of voters in our Republican primaries who are saying they want an alternative.”

"We’re headed to Michigan tomorrow. And we’re headed to the Super Tuesday states throughout all of next week," Nikki Haley said after losing South Carolina.

Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah indicated that Haley must drop out of the race. “Trump won. It’s over. Haley should drop out now,” he said. ”Congratulations to President Trump for his landslide victory in South Carolina. It's past time for the GOP to end this political primary charade and unite behind the clear nominee, Donald J. Trump,” wrote the Kansas GOP Sen. Roger Marshall congratulating Trump for his victory.


‘Not thinking’ about Haley dropping out of race: Trump

Florida GOP Rep. Byron Donalds also welcomed Trump’s victory, saying, "Congratulations to President Trump on another DOMINANT primary election victory in SC.” He continued, "Nikki Haley has lost BIG in every primary & she’s now lost her home state. It’s clear Republicans want President Trump to be our nominee & Nikki Haley has no pathway to victory.” The former presidential candidate of US, Larry Elder, said that Haley "loses and declares victory.”


Trump was asked by the Fox News Digital if he, like others, wanted Nikki Haley to drop out of the race. The former US President stated that he is no longer focused on Haley but Joe Biden. “I’m really not thinking about that… I'm not thinking about it,” Trump told the American outlet. "I’m really thinking about we have to beat Joe Biden," he told the reporters. ”I don’t know if she’s in the race at all, because, you know, I have set records in every single state. I’m not sure that she’s really in the race.”


Published February 25th, 2024 at 11:50 IST