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US mom uses controversial tracking app Life 360 to track her son: Report

An American mother tracked his whereabouts using the controversial Life360 app.

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An American mother tracked his whereabouts using the controversial Life360 app. | Image:Unsplash

Concerned about her son's absence from rugby practice, an American mother tracked his whereabouts using the controversial Life360 app. Introduced in 2008, this family social networking app served as a location-based service, enabling friends and family to share their locations.

US Mother tracks her son down, finds his teacher

Upon receiving the app's notification, the mother detected her son's presence at Park Road Park. Alarmed by this discovery, she visited the park and allegedly witnessed a compromising situation involving her 18-year-old son and 26-year-old South Mecklenburg High School teacher Gabriela Cartaya-Neufeld inside a car.

Taking immediate action, the concerned mother documented the scene by capturing photos of the vehicle and its license plate. Subsequently, she contacted the authorities to report the incident. This sequence of events unfolded amid the Thanksgiving holiday and has since led to legal proceedings against Cartaya-Neufeld related to the inappropriate relationship with the student.


The parent, according to the police, had been aware of rumours surrounding her son's inappropriate relationship and was already vigilant before the noticeable absence from sports practice, as reported by The New York Post. Prosecutors stated that Cartaya-Neufeld, a science teacher, had encounters with the teenager in her car, at his mother's house, and her residence.

Rumours of the illicit union had also been circulating at the school for months before the arrest, prompting administrators to question both the teen and his teacher, the district attorney said at Cartaya-Neufeld's arraignment. The educator faced five counts of felony sexual activity with a student by a teacher. She was initially taken to the Mecklenburg County jail late last month but has since made bail.


As of the latest available information, Life360 boasts approximately 50 million active monthly users. The family social networking app, designed for location-sharing among friends and family, became widely adopted for its tracking capabilities. Moreover, Life360 was anticipated to generate earnings of $300 million in the current year, highlighting its significant market presence and financial success.


Published December 16th, 2023 at 23:14 IST