Updated December 23rd, 2023 at 15:57 IST

West Wing drama: Biden aides wage tabloid war on ex-staffer for 'breaching loyalty'

At least six aides, both past and present, have lined up to dish the dirt on former First Lady press secretary Michael LaRosa.

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The White House. | Image:Image: X/@WhiteHouse

A wave of current and former West Wing staffers are airing a mountain of dirty laundry about a former colleague in the pages of a British tabloid, casting a harsh light on the inner workings of President Biden's administration.

According to a report from Axios, at least six aides, both past and present, have lined up to dish the dirt on former First Lady press secretary Michael LaRosa in The Daily Mail, a London tabloid known for its racy coverage. Their tell-alls come in response to LaRosa's repeated public criticisms of the Biden campaign strategy on cable news and social media, a move seen as a cardinal sin in the loyalty-driven culture of Bidenworld.


What provoked the staffers?

For months, LaRosa's former colleagues seethed silently as he went on CNN, MSNBC, and other outlets, openly questioning the Biden team's decisions. Now, they're striking back, painting a picture of LaRosa as a disloyal troublemaker and using the very tabloid that regularly attacks the Biden family to do their dirty work.


"I don't believe there is a world in which this First Lady is pleased with her husband's team seeking out the same British tabloid that regularly smears and lies about her son, to do the same to her former press secretary, who traveled by her side for three years," LaRosa said, clearly unimpressed by the attempts to silence him.

White House attempts to downplay the incident

The White House, predictably, downplayed the significance of the tell-alls, with an official simply stating "having White House officials quoted on background in an unauthorized way does not mean the White House spent time on something."

However, between the lines, a different story emerges. In Bidenworld, loyalty is paramount, and any perceived disloyalty, regardless of its validity, is swiftly punished. LaRosa's public criticisms, no matter how justified, have effectively ostracized him from much of the administration, and his former colleagues' resort to a tabloid known for its attacks on the Biden family only underscores the deep divisions and simmering tensions within the West Wing. As the mudslinging continues, one thing is clear: the carefully constructed facade of unity in Bidenworld is cracking.


Published December 23rd, 2023 at 15:56 IST