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Viral Video: 911 Call For Birthday Wish Leads To Heartwarming Visit By Boston Police | WATCH

Boston Police officers respond to 911 call for birthday wish, surprise Chris with cupcake and song, heartwarming gesture goes viral.

Reported by: Garvit Parashar
911 Call For Birthday Wish Leads To Heartwarming Visit By Boston Police | Image:Facebook: Boston Police Department (Official)

In this fast-paced world, we sometimes forget to understand that people are getting lonely and their interaction with each other has become minimal. And in this series, a video is going viral in which two officers respond to a 911 call by a man. The video was shared on the official handle of the Boston Police Department. The guy called the emergency number, asking if someone could wish him a “happy birthday.” 

“For anyone looking to end their week on a positive note, look no further!


Here is a video of two of our officers responding to a 911 call asking for, “someone to wish him a happy birthday”.

The caller after the fact was quoted saying, ‘The officers made my day!’,” says the caption of the video posted on Facebook by the Police department. 


Watch the viral video:

The video opens with two police officers standing in front of the house and ringing the doorbell of Chris, the guy who called 911. The video was shot by the body cams of the officers. They rang the bell and asked Chris if today was his birthday, to which he replied yes and said he had turned 25. After hearing that, the police officers made a heartwarming gesture. 

The police officers said that they got a gift for him and then went inside. They had a cupcake with candles on it and sang the happy birthday song. 


The Facebook post has been watched by 6600 people and has received more than 300 reactions. The comments section of the video was filled with wholesome comments from the users.

User’s reactions to the post:

“WTG BPD. Happy Birthday, Chris. I hope you had an amazing day. What a great surprise to open your door and see these Officers. Thank you, BPD from Polk County, FL,” said a user. 

“God bless the Boston police for their time and, more importantly, their compassion,” posted a Facebook user.


“Happy Birthday, Chris! Thank you to the officers that made his birthday special,” shared another.

Another one said, “BPD saved my Autistic daughter's life back in October. She reacted to a new medication and ran out of the house in busy traffic. Thank God for these two officers from C-6 who knew how to handle her with such gentle care.”


“Thanks for doing this, everyone deserves a happy birthday,” wrote a fifth.

Many other users wrote and wished a happy birthday to Chris in the comments. 




Published May 7th, 2024 at 19:47 IST