Updated February 27th, 2024 at 21:49 IST

Viral Video: Giant Snake Crossing Road On A Bright Sunny Day, Leaves Netizens Stunned | WATCH

Viral video of a giant snake crossing road leaves netizens stunned for a while, people witnessing it live busy taking selfies watch entire viral video below

Reported by: Rishi Shukla
Giant snake crossing road, video goes viral | Image:X

Viral world: Internet is full of bizarre and crazy viral video. One such video has surfaced on social media x, formerly known as twitter, where a giant snake was seen crossing the road on a busy day. 

Yes you heard it right, a giant snake's video is viral on the internet leaving netizens stunned. In the video a thick giant snake seen crossing road goes all the way from one corner to another on a busy road or highway.


The traffic halted for a moment people gathered on street running around taking pictures and selfies with the reptile, however the location of the video is still unknown.

The snake is huge in it's physical presence, looks black and thick as hell. Some people are running around the snake while others are looking scared and standing away from it.


Watch Viral Video Here:

Commuters can be seen stopping their cars as snake crawls its way to the other side of the road. The whole incident looks frightening and takes viewers breath away.

The viral video comes with a caption says, ‘These people help a very tall snake cross the highway. Some find it scary, but all life matters in an ecosystem. So, these people's actions can make a change for the better'.


The viewers in the comment section looks agreed to the caption above. One user comments, ‘Every animal has right to live’, another user comments, ‘That snake is cool as hell. Such a beautiful animal'.

screengrab of comment section



Published February 27th, 2024 at 21:49 IST