Updated February 21st, 2024 at 21:31 IST

Viral Video: Passengers Duct-Tape Man Attempting to Open Plane's Emergency Exit Door | WATCH

A passenger on an American Airlines attempted to open the plane's emergency exit door mid-air, watch entire episode in viral video

Reported by: Rishi Shukla
American Airlines Passengers Duct-Tape Man Mid-Air | Image:X/viral

A passenger on an American Airlines attempted to open the plane's emergency exit door mid-air, prompting a swift and courageous response from fellow travelers.

The incident unfolded on American Airlines flight 1219, en route to Chicago from Albuquerque, New Mexico. However, chaos erupted when a passenger made a reckless attempt to open the aircraft door mid-flight.


In a display of remarkable bravery and quick thinking, several passengers took action to subdue the unruly individual. Passengers used duct tape to tie his hands and legs, and throw flexi-cuffs on him, to control that man.

Right after this alarming situation, the flight crew made the decision to return to Albuquerque International Airport. The safety of all passengers and crew remained paramount, leading to an emergency landing to address the crisis.


One X user @lazydubz, describes the event as "One of the scariest days of my life." The individual emphasized the suddenness and severity of the situation, highlighting the collective effort to restrain the culprits and ensure the safety of everyone on board.

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American Airlines responded to the incident, confirming that the flight landed safely and the man was promptly escorted off the aircraft by local law enforcement in Albuquerque.


In a statement addressing the incident, American Airlines reiterated its commitment to passenger safety and commended the decisive actions taken by both passengers and crew in managing the situation effectively.


Published February 21st, 2024 at 21:31 IST