Updated June 11th, 2024 at 17:09 IST

‘Why Women Live Longer Than Men’: Video Shows Four Men Facing A Bull While Playing Seesaw | WATCH

Four men play seesaw with a bull, showcasing risky behavior; video goes viral, sparking varied reactions.

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Edited by: Garvit Parashar
Video Shows Four Men Facing A Bull While Playing Seesaw | WATCH | Image:X

We have seen many videos of men doing things which are not for the faint hearted and in another episode of  “why women live longer than men.” In this viral video 4 men are sitting on the seesaw chairs and after a while a dangerous bull entered inside the fence. The bull was trying hard to hit the boys with his horn but they were not giving any chance to the bull.


Whenever he tries to hit one, the other side lifts the seesaw chair and saves him. This goes for almost the whole video till one man falls from the top and the bulls hits the other one and dragged him. 

Check out the viral video:

The video was shared on social media by user gharkekalesh with a caption that reads, “Kalesh b/w a Bull and 4 Feraless Man.”

The video has got 58,000 views and 1200 likes. People in the comment section shared their opinion on this viral video. 

User’s reaction to the post:

“Would love to play this.”



“What happened at last. I think the it got one of them.”



“That's why women live longer.”



“Meanwhile some people are fighting for gender equality....”



“girls - it's only 10 years of friendship I can't trust you


boys after 1 sec of friendship :-”


Published June 11th, 2024 at 17:09 IST