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Uber Lays Off 3,500 Employees In A Three-minute Zoom Call Citing Losses Due To COVID-19

Uber has decided to let go of about 3,500 employees as the ride-sharing platform has taken a major hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic; employees informed on Zoom.


Uber has decided to let go of about 3,500 employees as the ride-sharing platform has taken a major hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As per reports, the employees were given the news over a three-minute Zoom video call as Ruffin Chaveleau, Uber head of customer service, informed them of the layoffs as the company reportedly recorded 80 percent plunge in customer bookings owing to the lockdown in various countries. 

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As per reports, Ruffin Chaveleau during the video call informed employees that the business is down by half and there is not much work for the customer service staff because of less traffic. Chaveleau told employees that as a result, the company has decided to lay off 3,500 employees.

Uber head of customer service also told the employees that even though it's their last day at work they will remain on the payroll until their severance package expires. 

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Chaveleau was reportedly teary-eyed when she informed the employees that they were being let go by Uber due to the economic hit the company has taken amid the global pandemic. However, employees allege that they were not served any notice prior to the video call and that it was all kept secret until announced by Chaveleau. 

Uber CEO forgoes salary

Uber last Thursday reported that the company has recorded nearly $3 billion net loss. The ride-sharing platform's CEO Dara Khosrowshahi announced that he would forgo his salary for the remaining period of this financial year.

The Uber CEO had last month reportedly called a meeting of the executives in charge to tell them they needed to plan cost cuts. As per reports, the executives responded saying that they are willing to let go of a share from their own pay if it meant they could save at least some jobs, to which, Khosrowshahi said that layoffs would be the best way forward. 

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