Updated January 19th, 2024 at 17:08 IST

Ahead of Ram Mandir consecration, AI-powered security scans deployed

Vehant Technologies also installed advanced security machines at Ayodhya Airport, Surat Airport and Tiruchi Airport.

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Edited by: Rajat Mishra
Ahead of PM Modi's visit on December 30, security arrangements in Ayodhya have been enhanced. | Image:PTI

AI-enabled devotee protection: Smart security and surveillance solutions provider Vehant Technologies has installed AI-powered security devices for safety of the visitors in the Ram Temple premises in Ayodhya, the company said on Friday.

The company will be taking care of the temple security after installing their advanced security machines at three newly inaugurated airports including Ayodhya Airport, Surat Airport, and Tiruchi Airport.

The checkpoints within the temple grounds are equipped with 11 advanced security devices, including X-ray baggage scanners and under-vehicle scanning systems to ensure safety of the visitors.

The large hi-tech machines at Ayodhya Temple have advanced area scan imaging technology, coupled with screening machines for medium and large baggages.

Apart from spotting prohibited items through AI drive machines and sending real-time alerts to operators, the additional features include threat image projection, central console and video management. 

With the anticipated large crowd and the presence of high-profile individuals at the inauguration ceremony, the combined technology ensures a robust security framework and can detect concealed weapons and contraband items.

The company offers artificial intelligence and machine learning-based physical security,  surveillance and traffic monitoring systems, as well as junction enforcement solutions which are designed and developed in India.

Part of the manufacturing also happens in Europe apart from India in order to meet global standards.

Notably, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has also stepped up security arrangements ahead of the consecration.

The temple city will be fortified ahead of the inauguration ceremony, which will be attended by the Prime Minister and close to 10 crore invited dignitaries from India and abroad.


The foolproof security cover will also comprise of UP Police’s artificial intelligence-based anti-mine drones to provide 360-degree security coverage.


Published January 19th, 2024 at 14:09 IST