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DGCA tightens noose, airlines hit with record 542 enforcement actions in 2023

The DGCA's surveillance activities encompass a diverse range, including 4,039 planned ones, 1,706 spot checks, and night surveillance.

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DGCA action against airlines | Image:Freepik

DGCA action on airlines: The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) disclosed on Wednesday that it executed a total of 542 enforcement actions on several prominent airlines in 2023, representing a significant surge of 77 per cent compared to the actions taken in the preceding year. This escalation is part of the regulatory body's intensified oversight efforts, marked by an all-time high of 5,745 surveillance activities conducted throughout the year.

Among the noteworthy enforcement actions in 2023, the DGCA reported the suspension of the Approved Training Organisation of Air India and the imposition of financial penalties on prominent airlines such as Air India, Air Asia, IndiGo, and SpiceJet for various non-compliances.


The enforcement measures extended beyond airlines, encompassing erring pilots, cabin crew, Air Traffic Control Officers (ATCOs), non-scheduled airlines, flying training organisations, and aerodrome operators, as highlighted in the regulatory release.

The DGCA's surveillance activities encompass a diverse range, including 4,039 planned surveillance activities, 1,706 spot checks, and night surveillance – collectively reaching an unprecedented 5,745 activities. This marked a noteworthy 26 per cent increase in surveillance activities compared to the previous year.


Consequent to the findings of these surveillance activities, the DGCA took decisive enforcement actions against non-compliant personnel, airlines, and other operators. The regulator emphasised the importance of these measures in maintaining and enhancing safety and compliance within the aviation industry.

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Published January 24th, 2024 at 17:03 IST