Updated March 27th, 2024 at 18:21 IST

Infosys partners with German media group to enhance storytelling with AI Tools

Infosys will leverage its AI-based platform, Infosys Topaz, to support Handelsblatt Research Institute (HRI).

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Infosys, the country’s second largest IT services company, has announced a collaboration with Germany-based Handelsblatt Media Group to revolutionise storytelling in global economic and financial topics. The partnership entails Infosys providing artificial intelligence (AI) technology to Handelsblatt Media Group, aimed at enhancing the compilation of reports and making them more engaging and accessible to the public.

Under this agreement, Infosys will leverage its AI-based platform, Infosys Topaz, to support Handelsblatt Research Institute (HRI), an independent economic research institute affiliated with Handelsblatt Media Group. In the initial phase of the partnership, Infosys will work closely with HRI to utilize AI tools for crafting reports on diverse global economic and financial subjects.


The collaboration marks a significant step forward in digital innovation within the media landscape. By integrating AI technology into storytelling processes, Handelsblatt Media Group aims to elevate the quality and accessibility of its reports, catering to a wide audience with varying levels of familiarity with economic concepts.

Handelsblatt Media Group, established in 1946 and headquartered in Dusseldorf, boasts of readership exceeding two million individuals. With a strong legacy in delivering high-quality journalism, the group seeks to leverage Infosys' expertise in AI and digital innovation to further enhance its storytelling capabilities.


Jan Kleibrink, Managing Director of Handelsblatt Research Institute, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting the institute's commitment to presenting complex economic insights in a compelling and accessible manner. He stressed on importance of leveraging AI-driven digital storytelling to advance the institute's mission.

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Published March 27th, 2024 at 18:21 IST