Updated March 4th, 2024 at 18:35 IST

LTIMindtree launches Fosfor Decision Cloud

FDC or decision cloud is designed as an integrated platform that enables companies to construct automated, modular, and reliable data transformation pipelines.

Reported by: Business Desk
LTIMindtree | Image:Republic

Fosfor Decision Cloud launch: The country's leading information technology services company LTIMindtree has announced the launch of e Fosfor Decision Cloud (FDC) at its Foton 2024 event.

The FDC, or decision cloud, is designed as an integrated platform that enables companies to construct automated, modular, and reliable data transformation pipelines. Moreover, it facilitates the development and deployment of impactful AI applications, empowering businesses to harness the full potential of AI technologies to enhance decision-making processes and achieve faster outcomes.


What sets the FDC apart is its commitment to simplifying the often complex journey from data to decisions. By consolidating disparate data and AI solutions into a unified framework, the FDC aims to streamline operations and accelerate the realisation of business objectives. This transformative platform introduces three key innovations:

Fosfor AI: At the heart of the FDC is Fosfor AI, a GenAI-powered assistant designed to assist users across various stages of the data-to-decisions journey. From constructing data pipelines to generating machine learning model code, Fosfor AI significantly enhances productivity and reduces time-to-insights for users of all backgrounds.


Fosfor Semantic: Serving as the backbone of the FDC, Fosfor Semantic is a knowledge graph that organizes and maintains data integrity while facilitating advanced analytics. By defining data relationships and enabling seamless integration, Fosfor Semantic accelerates every step of the data-to-decisions process.

Fosfor UX: Recognising the importance of user experience, Fosfor UX provides a unified design system that offers intuitive navigation and tailored workflows for different user personas. By flattening the learning curve and promoting collaboration, Fosfor UX ensures that users can quickly adapt to the FDC platform and maximize its potential.


The FDC is further strengthened by a robust partner ecosystem, with industry leaders such as Snowflake, Fivetran, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, the Google Cloud Platform, and GoldenSource offering support. Notably, Snowflake and Fivetran serve as launch partners, underscoring their commitment to driving innovation in data management and AI integration.

“The Decision Cloud marks a major milestone in the evolution of Fosfor and is a major breakthrough in the way businesses can develop and deploy AI to achieve business value,” said Debasis Satpathy, Chief Business Officer, Fosfor.


“To elevate the impact of business outcomes, the Decision Cloud brings all the required capabilities onto a single platform, along with powerful insight tools, to support every persona involved in an accelerated data-to-decisions journey. We are excited about the impact the FDC is going to have on the business effectiveness of AI,” Satpathy added.


Published March 4th, 2024 at 18:35 IST