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Vedanta Aluminium aims for 30% women workforce ratio by next fiscal year: CEO Slaven

The company's CEO, John Slaven, said that Vedanta Aluminium, with a total headcount exceeding 25,000, currently boasts a 22% female workforce.

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Vedanta Aluminum gender diversity | Image:Vedanata Ltd

Vedanta Aluminum: India's largest aluminium producer Vedanta Aluminium is making strides towards gender diversity in its workforce, with plans to achieve a 30 per cent representation of women employees by the end of the next financial year, significantly ahead of its previously set target of 2030.

The company's CEO, John Slaven, said that Vedanta Aluminium, with a headcount exceeding 25,000 which includes both direct and indirect employees, currently boasts a 22 per cent female workforce of the total direct employees. Slaven expressed confidence in meeting the ambitious goal, stating, "The company is on track to achieve a ratio of 30 per cent women employees on its direct rolls by the end of FY25." This milestone, if attained, would be achieved five years earlier than initially planned.


Highlighting the importance of gender diversity in the manufacturing industry, Slaven stressed the value of investing in female professionals. He noted that diverse perspectives lead to better decision-making processes, more comprehensive offerings tailored to diverse markets, and enhanced customer service.

Echoing Slaven's sentiments, Hemant Raghav, Head of Plant Security at Vedanta Jharsuguda, affirmed that working at Vedanta Aluminium ensures equal access to opportunities for women professionals.


Vedanta Aluminium, a subsidiary of Vedanta Ltd, holds significant importance in India's aluminum sector, contributing over half of the country's aluminum requirement in the fiscal year 2022-23. The shares of Vedanta Ltd rose 1.57 per cent to an intraday high of Rs 272.25 apiece on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) on Friday, March 1, 2024.


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