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PM Modi calls for ‘Create in India’, asks content creators to go global

Semiconductor and chip-making units with huge investments coming up well, says PM Modi.

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PM Narendra Modi awards Malhar Kalambe at National Creators Award | Image: ANI

Create in India: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said the last few years have seen a vast body of work from creative individuals in the form of content creation while urging India’s content creator fraternity to focus on local concepts catering a global audience. Addressing a gathering at the Content Creators Award, the Prime Minister made a call for ‘Create in India’. 

“Let us create on India and create for the world. The creativity should be of a level to get maximum ‘likes’,” said PM Modi, while referring to positive netizen feedback for virtual content.  


Global reach 

The Prime Minister said it was imminent to engage a global audience and create awareness to address the curiosity of people across the world regarding India and its growth.  
“Making content in foreign languages such as German, French, and Italian will expand the reach. Be open to challenges in content creation such as presenting a multilingual body of work,” the PM said while reaching out to the country's content creators. 


PM Modi said he recently held a casual conversation with Microsoft founder Bill Gates regarding India’s potential in setting up of semiconductor and chip-making units. “We have excelled in the semiconductor industry and expect a giant leap in this segment with potential global investments,” said PM Modi. Modi said content creators have the onus of making India’s success stories with humble beginnings popular worldwide. 

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“Be it the story of a ‘vada pav’ (bread-based potato snack)  seller or a fashion designer who have excelled at their work, the power and reach of content creators offer a mass appeal and reach to narrate India’s small enterprise stories and inspire people globally with the hard work that goes in making these businesses commercially viable,” said PM Modi. 


5G rollout faster than 2G,3G

Commenting on the telecom spectrum scenario of India, the Prime Minister said India had lagged behind in the rollout of 2G and 3G technology but has excelled in launching of the 5G technology. 
The PM said India aims to excel in the semiconductor business while adding that young startup founders must lead from the front. “While I am speaking here right now, there is every possibility that my speech must be getting translated into several Indian languages on a real-time basis. I am brushing up with AI on a daily basis and getting to know its power. We are matching up with the AI trends quite well,” the PM further added. 








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