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JEE Main Result 2024 Out LIVE Updates: Check Toppers' List, Direct Link, Full Details Here

JEE Main Session 2 Result 2024 Live Updates: NTA has declared JEE Mains Final Result 2024. 56 students get 100 NTA score. Check latest updates on JEE Main result link, steps to check, topper list, cut-off and other details here.

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JEE Main Result 2024 Live Updates | Image: PTI
1: 08 IST, April 25th 2024

Kesam Channa Basava Reddy, a student from Telangana, has become the talk of the town after an astounding improvement in his JEE Main results. In his first attempt during the January session of JEE Mains 2024, Reddy scored only 7 NTA score. However, amidst the celebrations, allegations of cheating have surfaced. A candidate claimed on Reddit that Reddy, who was seated next to him during the session 2 exam, copied all 75 answers from his answer sheet. The post on Reddit detailed how Reddy confessed to copying the answers after the exam concluded, raising doubts about the authenticity of his remarkable improvement. Read full story here.

7: 12 IST, April 25th 2024

The Category-wise Cut-off of NTA Score for JEE (Advanced) - 2024 for Paper 1 (B.E./B.Tech.) is given below: 

S. No.CategoryPercentile FromPercentile ToCandidates





7: 08 IST, April 25th 2024

JEE Main 2024 topper list has been released. A total of 56 students have got perfect 100 NTA score. Click here to check the list of JEE main 2024 toppers. 

7: 05 IST, April 25th 2024

JEE Main 2024 final results have been released at Here's direct link to check JEE Mains scorecard.

3: 55 IST, April 24th 2024

The release of JEE Main Session 2 Results 2024 brings with it the anticipation of cut-off scores, which play a crucial role in determining the eligibility of candidates for further rounds of admission. But how are these cut-offs determined? Let’s delve into the factors that influence the setting of cut-off scores for the JEE Main exam.

Number of Candidates Appearing for the Exam: One of the primary factors influencing cut-off scores is the total number of candidates taking the exam. A higher number of candidates often results in increased competition, leading to higher cut-off scores.

Difficulty Level of JEE Main Session 1 Exam: The complexity of the session 1 exam has a direct impact on the cut-off scores for session 2. If the session 1 exam is deemed more challenging, the cut-offs for session 2 may be adjusted accordingly to maintain fairness.

Number of Available Seats: The availability of seats in different institutes and courses is another crucial factor in determining cut-off scores. Limited seats, particularly in prestigious institutes, often lead to higher cut-offs as competition intensifies.

Previous Year’s Cut-Off Trends: Historical data on cut-off scores from previous years serves as a valuable reference point for setting the current year’s cut-offs. Analysis of trends helps authorities understand the competitiveness of the exam and make necessary adjustments to the cut-offs.


3: 51 IST, April 24th 2024

The top 2.5 lakh candidates who clear the JEE Main 2024 will be able to register for JEE Advanced 2024. Registrations for JEE Advanced will start on April 27.

3: 49 IST, April 24th 2024

Here is the tie-breaking criteria for JEE Main 2024 paper 1:

  1. Mathematics scores will be given the first preference, followed by Physics and Chemistry.
  2. Candidates with a higher number of positive answers compared to negative answers will be prioritized.
  3. In case of a tie after considering the above criteria, preference will be given to the candidate who is older in age.
  4. If the tie still persists, the application number will be considered in ascending order to break the tie.
3: 47 IST, April 24th 2024
Marks out of 300Percentile Range
286-29299.99826992 - 99.99890732
280-28499.99617561 - 99.99790569
268-27999.99034797 - 99.99417236
250-26799.95228621 - 99.99016586
231-24999.87388626 - 99.95028296
215-23099.74522293 - 99.87060821
200-21499.57503767 - 99.73930423
189-19999.39319714 - 99.56019541
175-18899.02150308 - 99.3487614
160-17498.52824811 - 98.99673561
149-15998.07460288 - 98.49801724
132-14897.0109678 - 97.97507774
120-13196.0687115 - 96.93721175
110-11995.05625037 - 95.983027
102-10994.01228357 - 94.96737888
95-10193.05600452 - 93.89928202
89-9492.05811248 - 92.88745828
79-8890.0448455 - 91.79177119
62-8784.56203931 - 91.59517945
41-6170.26839007 - 84.22540213
1-406.66590786 - 69.5797271
3: 44 IST, April 24th 2024

Following the announcement of the JEE Mains result 2024, successful candidates have two options: they can either proceed to take the JEE Advanced 2024 exam or directly participate in the JOSAA Counselling. This counseling process facilitates admission into B.Tech courses offered by numerous prestigious institutions including NITs, IITs, and other premier colleges throughout the nation.





3: 43 IST, April 24th 2024
B.Tech. in Aerospace Engineering2694
B.Tech. in Chemical Engineering2824
B.Tech. in Civil Engineering4371
B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering67
B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering481
B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering1736
B.Tech. in Engineering Physics1749
B.S. in Economics2102
Integrated B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering + M.Tech. in Microelectronics981
Integrated B.Tech. + M.Tech. in Energy Science and Engineering– / –
Integrated B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering + M.Tech. in Computer Integrated Manufacturing– / –
Integrated B.Tech. + M.Tech. in Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science– / –
B.S. in Mathematics1704
B.Tech. + M.Tech. in Electrical Engineering– / –
B.Tech. in Energy Engineering2855
3: 33 IST, April 24th 2024

According to the marking criteria outlined for JEE Main 2024, when there are multiple correct options, candidates who select any correct option will receive four marks. If all options selected are correct, four marks will be allocated to all candidates who attempted the question.  In scenarios where none of the options are correct, if a question is deemed erroneous, or if it's dropped, full marks will be awarded to all candidates, irrespective of whether they attempted the question or not.

3: 20 IST, April 24th 2024

Step 1: Visit the official website –

Step 2: Click on the “JEE Main final result” link.

Step 3: Key in your application number and date of birth.

Step 4: JEE Main scorecard will be displayed on the screen.

Step 5: Download and take its printout. 

3: 18 IST, April 24th 2024

JEE Main 2024 Result will be declared on April 25, as per the information bulletin. However, the exact time of releasing JEE Main Result is not revealed. Candidates can expect the JEE mains result by tomorrow night. 

3: 17 IST, April 24th 2024

JEE Main Result 2024 will be declared tomorrow, April 25. Once released, NTA will host the JEE scorecard link at



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