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Delhi Poll Of Exit Polls: AAP Projected To Remain In Power; BJP To Avert 2015 Repeat

With the Delhi elections concluded, polling agencies have released their exit polls, from which the poll of polls projects that the AAP will remain in power

Delhi Elections

According to Republic- Jan Ki Baat Exit Poll, the 70-seat Delhi Assembly which has finished polling on Saturday - February 8 - is projected to be won by AAP. As voting drew to an end at 6 pm, only 54.65% of votes had been polled in the National Capital but final figures will be out soon, Election Commission of India said. A party will need at least 36 seats to stake a claim to power in the 70-strong Delhi Legislative Assembly. 

Republic- Jan Ki Baat Exit Poll projects AAP to win 48-61 seats defeating the BJP which is projected to win only 9-21 seats. Meanwhile, Congress is projected to win 0-1 seat. Others are projected to win no seats.

  • AAP: 48-61
  • BJP: 9-21
  • Congress: 0-1
  • Others: 0

A number of other agencies have also out their exit poll numbers. Accordingly, the poll of exit polls projects an AAP victory, but with a significantly reduced seat-share than in 2015 when the party won a colossal 67 seats.

Ipsos exit poll has predicted 47 seats for Aam Aadmi Party and 23 for the BJP. According to the C-Voter exit poll, the AAP will win 49 to 63 seats in Delhi, while the BJP is predicted to win 5 to 19 seats. Cicero exit poll predicts 54 seats for the AAP, 15 seats for the BJP and 1 for the Congress.

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Vote share

According to Jan Ki Baat exit poll, AAP is projected to garner 51-52%of the vote share, leading over the BJP which is set to gain 38-40% of the vote share. Meanwhile, Congress is projected to gain 4-5% of the vote share. Other parties are set to garner 5% of the vote share.

AAP: 51-52% 

BJP:38 -40%

Congress: 4-5 % 

Others: 5%

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Delhi election campaign

Building on its massive common-man appeal, the AAP government offered several freebies - free electricity, water, free wifi services, free metro and bus rides for women in the run-up to the elections. Meanwhile, Congress, which is reeling from a leadership vacuum since the demise of Sheila Dikshit is eyeing a comeback at the national capital. BJP, which has not held the Delhi Assembly since 1998 is eyeing to rule at Centre and the national capital - but has not named a CM pick. AAP which had launched a Kejriwal-centric campaign, aims at crossing the total with its motto "Abki Baar 67 paar" and keeps asking 'Kejriwal v/s Who?'

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