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Here's What The AAP Is Promising It'll Do To Further Women's Safety In Delhi If The Capital Is Given Full Statehood

Written By Suchitra Karthikeyan | Mumbai | Published:


  • AAP manifesto promises higher women representation in police, fast track courts, preventive policing among a few measures to ensure women safety once Delhi becomes a state
  • The manifesto's clear agenda is statehood while it touches many issues like education, health, women safety, jobs, police reforms, zero corruption, pollution

Emphasising on full statehood for the capital, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, on Thursday, has given a detailed analysis of what can be achieved by his government after statehood for ensuring women safety vs. what his government has currently achieved to ensure women safety in his party's manifesto, which was released earlier on the same day.

Current Achievement:

The AAP manifesto states that 1.4 lakh CTTV cameras have been installed, making the streets safer for women. It adds that the AAP government has revived Delhi Commission for women which has dealt with more than 50,000 cases in 3 years. Under DCW it states that 90 Mahila Panchayats have been established to ensure grassroots participation and bus marshalls have been introduced in 25000 DTC buses with GPS tracking.

Future achievement post full statehood:

The AAP manifesto claims to ensure at least 33% reservation for women police officers, establish strict police protocols and have a separate Crime Against Women (CAW) cell in every police station. The manifesto also promises to set up 50 fast track courts, large -scale gender sensitization programmes for police personnel and periodic safety audits of public spaces. They also aim at taking up a preventive rather than punitive approach to policing.

While the manifesto has made several promises on education, health, women safety, jobs, police reforms, zero corruption, pollution, etc., it follows a similar pattern of what the AAP government is currently working and what it would achieve once statehood is awarded to Delhi. The manifesto which is titled 'Lekar Rahenge Poorn Rajya' features Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal on the cover along with the party's symbol and clearly states its agenda is only full statehood. 

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Speaking on the launch of the manifesto which happened in the presence of Kejriwal and other leaders, the Delhi CM took a jibe at BJP saying India' democracy needed to be saved from them (BJP).

" 2019 polls is about saving the country. If India is safe, (political) parties will be safe. Today, India's unity is under threat. BJP has only one-point manifesto. BJP is fulfilling Pakistan's agenda. BJP's agenda is to divide India on basis of caste and religion, " he said.

Talking about Delhi's statehood, he slammed both BJP and Congress for fulfilling that promise.

"Both parties, have not  fulfilled their promise of full statehood to Delhi. If Delhi becomes a state, we will not require the Centre's permission and the Anti-Corruptiuon Branch will be handled by the Delhi Government again.", he added speaking to the media.

All seven constituencies of Delhi is set to vote in the sixth phase on May 12 and the results are scheduled to be announced on May 23.