Updated April 19th, 2024 at 12:48 IST

'INDI Burnt Western UP': PM Modi Rakes Up 'Mohammad Shami' in Amroha Rally | WATCH

PM Modi on Friday addressed an election rally in Uttar Pradesh' Amroha district.

Reported by: Apoorva Shukla
PM Modi in Amroha rally | Image: ANI

PM Modi in Amroha: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday, April 19, addressed an election rally in Uttar Pradesh's Amroha where he accused the parties of INDI alliance- especially Congress of causing unrest in the western parts of the state. He was seen playing the traditional ‘Dholak’ of Amroha. PM mentioned that the central government has given ‘GT tag’ to Amroha's dholak. 

The INDI alliance parties have put all their energies in making the villages and rural areas backwards, said the Prime Minister. “Areas like Amroha and Western Uttar Pradesh have suffered the biggest loss due to this mentality,” he said. 


PM Modi said that BJP-led governments are working to ensure welfare of all the communities. "Earlier governments in our country kept cheating SC/ST and OBC in the name of social justice. The dream that Jyotiba Phule had, the dream that Baba Saheb Ambedkar had, the dream which Chaudhary Charan Singh had, now Modi is fulfilling that dream of social justice..." he said during Amroha rally. 

PM Speaks of Shami in Amroha Rally 

PM Modi also mentioned Indian cricket player Mohammad Shami during his rally in Amroha, asserting that the Lok Sabha elections are to secure the future of the country. 

“The whole world has seen the amazing feat done by Mohammed Shami (who belongs to Amroha) in the Cricket World Cup. The Central Govt has given the Arjuna Award to Mohammed Shami for his excellent performance in sports and CM Yogi's government has taken 2 steps forward and is also building a stadium for the youth here. The Lok Sabha elections of 2024 are the elections of the future of the country. Your votes in this election will ensure the fate of India,” said the Prime Minister. 



During his address, PM mentioned that the first phase of Lok Sabha elections are being held today and asked people to cast their votes. “I want to appeal to all the voters to use their rights and cast their votes,” said PM Modi. 


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