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War 2: NTR Jr, Hrithik Roshan To Start Filming For Spy-thriller On THIS Date

The tentative date from which NTR Jr and Hrithik Roshan will begin shooting for War 2, has been revealed, with the film being set up to be an Indian spectacle.

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War 2

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NTR Jr and Hrithik Roshan will soon begin shooting for the sequel to the Bollywood blockbuster, War. Team War 2 recently revealed the tentative time around which the filming for this next installment of the Yash Raj Films' Spy Universe will commence. Both actors will reportedly begin shooting for War 2 in November of this year.

War 2 promises to be a spectacle

It recently came to light that War 2 will feature Hrithik Roshan go head-to-head with NTR Jr. It has now been revealed that the formidable duo will get to work on the film sometime around November 2023. Yash Raj Films is reportedly leaving no stone unturned  to make War 2, "a spectacle and a global cinematic moment for India", as per an ANI report. Aditya Chopra's vision for the film is larger-than-life and he is reportedly arranging for the film to begin shoot on a scale that has never been attempted in India prior to this. War 2 is currently in pre-production.

War 2 turns pan-Indian

War 2, since its announcement, was already contending with the burgeoning expectations of the stellar run the first part had at the box office. With NTR Jr signed on board, the stakes for the film were instantly upped owing to its appeal now expanding across the country. War 2 will also be the seventh installment in the expanding YRF Spy Universe which also maximises its appeal for the theatre-going audiences.

Who will be directing War 2?

If reports are to be believed, Siddharth Anand will not be returning to direct the sequel to his blockbuster. Though there has been no official confirmation from any of the parties involved, conjecture suggests that War 2 is all set to be directed by Ayan Mukherji. With no official statements, either about NTR Jr joining the cast or about the change in director, it appears that the production house wants to be secretive about the details of the film to maintain the high levels of anticipation associated with it. 

War, directed by Siddharth Anand and starring Hrithik Roshan along side Tiger Shroff, had an October release in 2019. The film went on to reportedly gross close to 500 crores at the box office. War was among the highest grossing Indian films of 2019.

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