Home Alone Movie: Hidden Facts Of The McCallister House You Might Have Missed!

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Its been years since Home Alone released but, it is still considered one of the best Christmas movies. Here are some unusual facts you might have missed. Read

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Home Alone

The popular 1990 Christmas movie Home Alone had a lot of hidden details that we probably missed when we watched it for the first time. The movie is one of the most loved movies of all time, there were a few hidden details inside the McCallister house that make us wonder. Read ahead to know more.

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Hidden details you never noticed about The McCallister House


In one of the scenes, Kevin decides to apply aftershave. Yes, this comedy comes from the iconic scream later but, if one had noticed one thing and had taken a look around the bathroom, they would have noticed something unusual. The bathroom Kevin stands in has around 25 towels including the one around his waist, which is quite unusual.

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When Kevin is ready with a gun, lying on the kitchen floor, all set to shoot the burglars who would be entering soon, this might have gone unnoticed but there’s coffee brewing in the kitchen. Not sure if the family left it hurriedly while leaving for the vacation or Kevin had been drinking it sometimes.


Towards the end of the movie Home Alone, every single item in the McCallister house is upturned and damaged at some point. From cardboard cutouts to hot metal everything is a worthy tool for Kevin. But, the piano in the living room is one such item that does not seem to have interested Kevin or caught his attention for some reason.

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In the first scene of the movie Home Alone, there is a fight that takes place at the entryway of the McCallister house and there are two burglars who fall on their backs. You might have noticed that there is a flower pot on the corner of the house. The question arises that if the family had so many members and 5 kids living under the same roof, how did the pot manage to stay so still?


Soon after the family members forget Kevin at home, the robbers plot to loot the house. Just before the robbery begins, Kevin is supposed to sit for dinner with macaroni and a glass of milk. The robbery begins and there’s chaos everywhere. Kevin smarty defends his house without even eating the food and it remains on the table. There’s a scene when the feathers cover the mac and cheese but the glass of milk remains that way, no, not even a drop spills.

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