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BTS Comeback Delayed Beyond 2025? BigHit Founder Drops Hint

BTS is currently on a break and the members are focusing on their individual music careers and fulfilling their mandatory military service.


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BigHit founder and HYBE chairman Bang Si-hyuk recently shared details about the future of BTS. According to reports, Si-hyuk attended the Kwanhun Forum on Wednesday (March 15), where he participated in a Q/A session and was asked about BTS’ promised comeback in 2025. 

Si-hyuk shared that fans should not their hopes on the promised comeback of the group in 2025. BTS is currently on a break and the members are pursuing their individual music careers. Si-hyuk added that he was unable to guarantee a "promised year" since BTS and HYBE would need time to get ready following BTS members' military service. 

As reported by Soompi, Si-hyuk said, “We shared that both [HYBE] and the members hope to be able to resume (group activities) around 2025, not ‘they will resume’ in 2025. On that note, I hope you will not think of this as the target year. But (HYBE) and BTS will try our best. The issue of the military is not something that gets resolved as planned, and since we also need time to prepare for their return once they come back (from the military), I want to say that we cannot continue with a ‘promised year.’ But this is not just false hope as both parties have agreed to really actively do our best.”

Bang Si-hyuk on BTS' contract renewal

Bang Si-hyuk also said that BTS have not renewed their contract with HYBE yet and that the company "still has time left" before the boy band's contract expires. The contract renewal will be discussed with the members within the allotted period. “We’ll discuss (contract renewal with the members) within the time, and I believe it will be right for us to speak about it after the discussion ends,” Si-hyuk said. 

Earlier, BTS members were given the exemption from serving in the military for sometime. However, it was confirmed in October last year that the seven-member group will have to fulfill the compulsory military service. Group’s oldest member Jin is currently enlisted. Meanwhile, J-hope has also started his military enlistment process.

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