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Anupama 28 October 2021 Written Update: Anuj Gets Fever, Anu Takes Care Of Him All Night

Anupama 28 October 2021 Written Update: As Anuj and Anu find a house to spend the night, Anuj suffers from fever. Anu then takes care of him. Read on.

anupama written update

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Anupama 28 October 2021 episode begins with Anu speaking to Bapuji over the phone while Anuj tells her to inform them that they are nearby the highway. As Anu is about to say the same, the phone goes dead due to bad weather. Anuj then calms Anu and says that at least her family knows that she is safe. Anu then assures Anuj that her family will inform GK too. As they both talk to each other, the kids in the house get amazed by watching a video. They all then reveal that they are watching their dance performance from their college reunion to which Anu and Anuj get embarrassed. One of the kids then offers them his parent's clothes so that they can relax to which they say yes. Meanwhile, the kids also learn about Anu and Anuj's upcoming project. 

Anupama 28 October 2021 Written Update

On the other hand, as Bapuji asks everyone to sleep, Pakhi speculates that Anu will have to spend the night there and will be able to return tomorrow. This makes Vanraj and Baa anxious and they are not able to sleep. Meanwhile, as Anuj comes out after getting his clothes changed, the kids compliment him and say that he does not look like an Uncle. Later, as Anu comes out wearing a pink salwar kurta, Anuj is smitten by her and recalls the time when he saw her in the college for the first time wearing a pink dress. The kids enjoy the party with Anu and Anuj and even dance with them. when suddenly Anuj loses consciousness and falls. This leaves everyone shocked and they take him to the bedroom to rest for a while. Anu then learns that Anuj is suffering from fever to which she makes kadha for him. 

Vanraj worries about Anu and Anuj spending the night together 

Meanwhile, Vanraj is not able to sleep and thinks that if Anu and Anuj's friendship is creating chaos in his life then what will happen if they take their relationship to next level. Anu, on the other hand, takes care of Anuj when the latter tries to speak his heart out to her. Anuj then hesitates to express his feelings to Anu and later sleeps while Anu sits beside him all night. Vanraj 5then gets restless and decides to call Anu from Bapuji's phone. As he calls, one of the kids picks up and informs him that Anuj and Anu are resting in the bedroom. This leaves Vanraj in shock. The next morning, as Anuj wakes up, he sees Anu sleeping on the couch beside him. He then apologises to her of he crossed his line the other night while Anu gets a thought that he has feelings for her. At Shah's house, as Bapuji goes out to meet his friend, Kavya taunts Vanraj that he should welcome Anu with Aarti to which he takes his chair and sits at the entrance of the house. 

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As Anu walks in, Vanraj points a finger at her character and accuses her of sleeping with Anuj. Anu then fumes at Vanraj while Baa tries to stop her. Anu tells Baa to stop and informs everyone that she is leaving the house. 


Image: Anupamaa Poster

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