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Oscars 2024: 20 Days In Mariupol Clinches Documentary Feature Film, Beats India-set To Kill A Tiger

20 Days In Mariupol is the first film from Ukraine to win an Oscar. The film is directed by Mstyslav Chernov, who delivered a politically charged speech.

20 Days In Mariupol | Image:IMDb

Ukraine's 20 Days In Mariupol won the Oscar in Documentary Feature Film category, beating Bobi Wine: The People's President, The Eternal Memory, Four Daughters and To Kill A Tiger.

Director Mstyslav Chernov said from the stage, "This is the first Oscar in Ukrainian history. I am honoured. I will be the first director on stage to say I wish I never made this film. I wish I could exchange this for Russia never attacking Ukraine and occupying our cities. I wish for them to release our prisoners. I cannot chaage the history and the past. We are together. We can make sure the history sets the record. Cinema form memories, memories form history. Thank you god and Thank you Ukraine."

A still from 20 Days In Mariupol | Image: IMDb 

20 Days In Mariupol is set in the backdrop of Russia-Ukraine War 

The Academy Award winning 20 Days In Mariupol is a documentary which is centered around the violence and tragedy in the early days of the Russia-Ukraine. The film follows a video journalist Mstyslav Chernov and two of his colleagues as they document the first 20 days of Russia’s siege. 


This also includes the bombing at a maternity hospital. By the end of the film, Mstyslav and his colleagues were the only international journalists left in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol. 



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