Updated March 8th, 2024 at 17:04 IST

Ahead Of Bastar Release, Adah Sharma Talks About Tapping Into Diverse Roles, Trusting Her Intuition

Adah Sharma recently opened up about how her process when it comes to picking films, also weighing in on what she feels makes the audience take to a film.

Adah Sharma | Image:adah_ki_adah/Instagram

Adah Sharma is riding high on the success of her last release, the controversial but hard-hitting The Kerala Story. All set to collaborate with The Kerala Story creator Sudipto Sen once again, Sharma will next be seen in Bastar, based on the real-life incidents of Naxals in Chattisgarh. Ahead of the films 2024 release, Adah Sharma has opened up about how she goes about picking her scripts, proving to be increasingly unique with each release.



Adah Sharma is all for pushing her limits

In a recent interview with Bollywood Bubble, Adah Sharma reflected on how her time in the industry so far has never seen her actively compete with anyone. Her focus instead, she affirms, has been to explore as many genres as possible tapping into the diverse array of roles. 


She said, "I don’t think so much. My competition has never been what someone else is doing clearly, because I started with a horror film. I also did The Kerala Story. My thing is just to do different stuff, to push my limits, and probably take on roles that I haven’t done before to challenge myself in all possible ways, physically or mentally, as an actor. And I don’t think you’re getting lost or getting found. If you’re doing good work, I guess people will watch."


Adah Sharma trusts her intuition when it comes to picking scripts

The interview further saw the actress reveal how she does not really have a process per se, when it comes to picking scripts. Adah simply tends to trust her gut and follow her intuition. She finds that when she does so, the cinematic product on the other end of the experience turns out to be something the audience can truly connect with. 



She said, "I pick things up only with intuition. Sometimes, I’ll just like to hang out with the people, and they’re making some good stuff. I’ve done films like that. I think one thing universally that works well with the audience is if you make a film that emotionally connects to them—not necessarily that they connect with it in real life, but they are emotionally invested in the characters they are watching, then I think the audience really looks forward to watching that film."


Published March 8th, 2024 at 17:04 IST