Updated April 19th, 2024 at 13:16 IST

Alia Bhatt Reacts To Video Of Dog Being Beaten By ‘Monster Maid’, Calls For Stricter Punishments

Alia Bhatt took to her Instagram account to amplify a video shared by Sophie Choudry in which a domestic help can be seen brutally beating a pet beagle.

Alia Bhatt | Image:aliabhatt/instagram

Alia Bhatt has always been vocal about animal rights and well-being. Recently, the actress took to her social media account to react to a video in which a domestic help could be seen brutally beating a pet beagle while its owners were away. The video was first shared by actress Sophie Choudry who called for action against the act. The Jigra actor took to her social media account to amplify the post and get the attention of concerned authorities. 

What is the viral video of a maid beating a dog to which Alia Bhatt has reacted? 

In the video, a domestic help could be seen violently attacking a pet beagle. Sharing an update on the matter, actress Sophie Choudry stated that she had gotten in touch with the owners of the dog and that they, too were unaware of the situation. She wrote, “Update about the beautiful beagle Bira, who was cruelly beaten by this monster maid. I managed to get in touch with Parth and Shweta, who own the dog. Shweta told Malini Agarwal and me, she had never seen this video and was traumatised.” 

A screengrab of Sophie's post | Image: Sophie Choudry/Instagram 

Giving more information about the situation Sophie mentioned that the maid is still ‘shockingly’ employed by the couple who are currently in Dubai. She continued, “Parth told me it was 6-month-old. No idea what the truth is, but they are flying back from Dubai tomorrow (Friday). I confronted the maid in person too, who is shockingly still employed with them.”  She concluded by sharing that the beagle has been rehabilitated to a care centre in Mumbai. 


Alia Bhatt amplifies Sophie Chaudhary’s cause of animal abuse 

Alia Bhatt, on April 18, took to her Instagram stories to share a post by actress Sophie Choudry. Reacting to the same, the Raazi actress wrote, “Next time you see someone do this to a dog/cat, any pet or animal, just take a video and take it straight to the authorities!!” She then called for firm action against such people and continued, “There has to be stricter, stronger action for people thinking they can just take out their frustration and crap on a pet.” 

A screengrab of Alia Bhatt's post | Image: Alia Bhatt/Instagram 

She concluding by noting how ‘inhuman’ and ‘disheartening’ the situation is. She also expressed gratitude to Sophie Choudry for bringing the matter to light and to everyone like her who condemns and takes action against animal cruelty. 


Published April 19th, 2024 at 13:16 IST