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Author Nivedita Shukla Backs Ananth Mahadevan's Claim Of Laapataa Ladies Being Similar To His Film

Author Nivedita Shukla extended support to director Ananth Mahadevan and alleged that Ghunghat Ke Pat Khol had been pulled down from YouTube.

Laapataa Ladies | Image:X

Kiran Rao's directorial Lapataa Ladies created a heavy buzz on the internet with everyone praising the plot and actors' acting. However, a few weeks ago, National Award-winning filmmaker Ananth Mahadevan alleged that the movie had been copied from his 1999 movie Ghunghat Ke Pat Khol. While the writer of the Lapataa Ladies, Biplab Goswami, denied the claims, an author Nivedita Shukla has extended support to Ananth.

Nivedita Shukla alleges Ghunghat Ke Pat Khol has been removed from YouTube

Author Nivedita Shukla took to her X handle to lend her support to Ananth Mahadevan. She shared the posters of both the films in question and shared that in past, she appreciated the movie. However, she didn't know that it was copied from Ghunghat Ke Pat Khol and alleged that the movie had been pulled down from YouTube. It happened when Ananth called out the makers.

(A poster of Ghunghat Ke Pat Khol | Image: X)

"Surprisingly, the telefilm which was available on YouTube, has now been removed after Laapataa Ladies picked up and Ananth called out the makers. All that morality, work ethic gyan and self-righteousness to dump on the public but when it comes to practicing it, then all goes down the drain,” an excerpt from her post read.


Soon after she shared the post, Ananth reposted on his X handle, thanking her for showing support.


Ananth points out similarities between Laapataa Ladies & Ghoonghat Ke Pat Khol

Ananth Mahadevan made his directorial debut back in 1999 with the film Ghunghat Ke Pat Khol. Though the film is not a well-known title in any regard, Mahadevan is convinced it was the source of inspiration from Laapataa Ladies. Speaking to Mid Day, he said, “I have seen Laapataa Ladies, and the beginning as well as many incidents are the same.” Mahadevan also went into detail about how similar the opening sequences - particularly the mix-up segment - of the two films are. He further elaborated, "In our film, a boy from the city goes to his village to get married. The mix-up happens at the railway station when he asks his new bride, who is in a ghunghat (veil), to wait on a bench (as he goes looking for some information). When he returns, he joins the wrong bride."


Published May 25th, 2024 at 14:17 IST