Updated February 26th, 2024 at 20:36 IST

Baby John Actress Wamiqa Gabbi Says She's On Instagram For Quick Money

Wamiqa Gabbi is currently gearing up to feature in the Varun Dhawan starrer Baby John. The actress recently got candid about her social media presence.

Wamiqa Gabbi | Image:Instagram

Wamiqa Gabbi is currently gearing up to be seen in Kalees' upcoming action thriller, Baby John. The film will notably star her opposite Varun Dhawan with Keerthy Suresh being a parallel lead in the film. For the unversed, Baby John is the official remake of 2016 film Theri - while the latter was directed by Atlee, the former is being presented by the filmmaker. Gabbi has off late made the news, owing to her candid comments on how facilitating the role of social media has become, as a means to earn.

Wamiqa Gabbi says Instagram is good for quick money

In a recent discussion involving Adarsh Gourav and Gulshan Deviah, Wamiqa was posed with a reflective question on maintaining an Instagram presence. Instead of giving a surface-level response, Wamiqa was honest about what the avenues and options her social media presence have opened up for her. 


She said, "Why do I use Instagram? Its a lot of quick money. I don’t have to do the films that I don’t want to do because I get paid through Instagram ads. And then I can at least sit at home and rather not do anything than do a film that I don’t want to do. So I’m working on social media just for that. Also when I do good work, I have a larger audience to convey my message to that ‘Hey, I’ve just done this, would you like to watch it?’ Otherwise you have to depend a lot on how many people you are being able to reach. At least if I have a good following, so I can get my message across to more people. That’s my only reason."


Does making reels have any bearing on acting opportunities? Wamiqa Gabbi weighs in

For long, several social media influencers have been sharing glimpses of their attempts at acting through the medium of reels. Gabbi however, candidly shared how she does not believe it does much in honing one's skills. 


Originally sharing her thoughts in Hindi, a lose translation of what Wamiqa said reads, '...I don't think there is any connection with acting through reels. I believe in doing workshops, working on yourself, becoming a good person, having empathy, and auditioning. Just work on yourself.'


Published February 26th, 2024 at 20:36 IST