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Did You Know Ranveer Singh Lifted Real World Cup For 83? Director Recalls 'Stunning' Moment

Kabir Khan broke down the iconic World Cup scene from the Ranveer Singh-Deepika Padukone starrer film 83, based on the 1983 win of team India.

Kabir Khan | Image:IMDb

Kabir Khan, in a recent interview, dissected the iconic World Cup scene from the Ranveer Singh starrer 83. The sports drama movie was a biography of legendary cricketer Kapil Dev and chronicled the first time the Indian cricket team won the ICC World Cup in 1983. Although the film received a lukewarm response at the box office, the performance of the actors was critically appreciated. In a new interview, director Kabir Khan narrates the lesser-known story about the World Cup scene in the film. 

Kabir Khan recalls getting the real World Cup trophy handed over during 83 shoot

In an interview with Mashable India, Kabir Khan recalled the behind-the-scene moment from 83. The filmmaker looked a at picture of the actors from the film standing on the Lord's Stadium balcony posing with the World Cup. He recalled recreating the scene perfectly so that it matched with the archival footage, and just then they were handed over the real trophy as a surprise. 

The iconic photo discussed by Kabir Khan | Image: Instagram 

Recalling the preparation, Khan said, “We took a lot of effort to recreate this moment down to the last extra in the shot. Everything was made to look exactly the way because in the film if you notice we intercut a lot between the archival footage and the real footage and you don't really know which is the real one.” He then recounted the moment when they were asked to shoot with the actual trophies. 


He recalled, ”I was briefing Ranveer when two ladies walked onto the set with a trolley and white gloves in hand. They had a maroon velvet cloth covering something on this trolley and they came in and they removed that cloth and they uncovered the real World Cup, the actual one that was handed over to captain and we were all just stunned.” Kabir remembered Ranveer picking up the trophy for the shoot and as soon as he called for a cut all actors broke down in tears. He revealed that it was the ending of the first schedule of the film and so the actors felt like “they had actually won the World Cup.” 

Did you know the son of West Indies Captain Clive Lloyd was also in 83 

In the same interview, Kabir Khan recalled the captain of the West Indies cricket team in 1983 - Clive Lloyd being present at the shoot in Lords. The director recalled feeling surreal as his son was a part of the West Indies team shown in the film. When the filmmaker asked the former captain if he wanted to come closer and have a look at the scene on the monitor, Clive quirked, “You want me to see the Cup being given away for the second time.”

83 explores Kapil Dev's journey as well as India's big win at the 1983 World Cup. Ranveer Singh plays the role of Kapil Dev and his real wife Deepika Padukone had a cameo as his wife.


Published March 29th, 2024 at 18:27 IST